Building Big

What technology goes into making a high rise building The uniqueness of a high rise building has always been appealing but in reality it is a very complicated structure. To develop these complicated structures it is very essential to have proper planning, execution, right building materials and most importantly the technologies which play a crucial

Reaching New Heights

Featuring the latest innovations the field of concrete pumping for high rise building construction. Putzmeister’s complete eSmart range for high-rise and long distance conveying With the support of its parent company in Aichtal, Germany; Putzmeister India has developed advanced technologies and high quality services in India with its base in Verna industrial estate, Goa. Putzmeister

Hitachi launches new TX Series escalator for India

Hitachi Ltd and Hitachi Building Systems Co. Ltd. announced the launch of the new TX Series escalator for India, Asia and the Middle East. The escalator has already been released in China*1, and will be released in stages across the remainder regions, commencing 21st August 21. In July 2016, Hitachi integrated its escalator businesses of

High-rise facade cleaning made easy

A detail analysis on how do skyscraper facades get cleaner. A skyscraper facade plays an important part and it has not only to look good but also has to be cleaned on regular basis. Cleaning skyscraper facade is a very challenging task as it requires safe and right access equipment—but this challenging task now can

Skyscrapers with a need for speed

Featuring some of the ultra-fast elevators for skyscraper. High-speed choice for skyscrapers In today’s world, everyone is in a rush to get to the top. Sonic is Thyssenkrupp’s extra-fast passenger elevator running at a maximum speed of 12 metre per second. It is the perfect high-speed choice for your skyscrapers, office towers or other tall

Building High-rise with Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are essential to construct tall buildings as they provide efficient and economical solution of lifting heavy loads of concrete, steel and other building material. With Indian economy on the fast track, more and more people are moving to cities because of numerous job opportunities and a better lifestyle. As a developing nation, the

High-Rises committing towards greener tomorrow with LEED

LEED certified buildings are proven to produce 34 per cent lower CO2 emissions, consume 25 per cent less energy and use 11 per cent less water than conventional buildings. LEED buildings are healthy and resource-efficient The mission of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI) is market transformation of

High-power pumps for high-rise buildings

Given the climatic variations that we are facing, the need of the hour is to make companies and builders compliant with strict sustainability standards in order to keep energy consumption low and flexibility high. High performance pump is an essential requirement for commercial buildings. But pumps are only part of the story. It is an

LGF SYSMAC offers advanced technology for window automation

LGF SYSMAC has been setting standards in quality, service and technology upgradation. Based in New Delhi, the company houses a team of highly skilled and efficient personnel who are dedicated to meet customer specific needs. The mainstream range of products being promoted includes state-of-the-art machinery for working on aluminium and UPVC profiles, panel saws for

Lii 2018 to shine in Mumbai

A major lighting exhibition under the banner Light India International 2018 (Lii 2018) is scheduled to be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai during 19-21 January 2018. This mega event which is designed to address the smart city electrification concepts in India through seminars and product display is organised by the Indian Society of