Building Tall: The Innovative Way

Featuring some of the most advanced tall building solutions that are on the spot. Faster and safer elevators for tall buildings High-rise buildings are towering achievements that indicate the future of urban living. Every single day, there are millions of people moving around these impressive structures – working, living and visiting. Tenants expect the best

Printing on the skyline

What are the future benefits of 3D printing in high-rise construction? Technologies have upgraded construction industry to a better level. Nowadays 3D Printing is one such technology which is helping construction industry to make work easier and cost effective. No only this but it also gives freedom to the architects to design and share the

Rethinking Urban Mobility in India

Under investment and inadequate long term planning has led to a chaotic urban mobility scenario across Indian cities, points out Bharat Vishnani, Managing Director, Thyssenkrupp Elevator (India) According to the World Bank, nearly 33 per cent of India’s population already lived in cities as of 2015 and by 2025 this number is expected to reach

Hybrid Annuity Model is the answer: Ashoka Buildcon

It would be too early to judge the impact of GST. Whenever there is a change, there is always some amount of discomfort that is generated, which needs to be addressed scientifically and not emotionally. Ashoka Buildcon Ltd (ABL) is one of the largest highway developers in the country with an impressive portfolio of over

High-rise building safety

Every high-rise building built in India today must mandatorily adhere to prescribed structural standards. With several property developers in our metros developing skyscrapers of 150-250 metres and more, an increasingly pressing question being asked by property buyers is whether they safe. This is an obvious and natural concern, given the increasing incidence of fires, earthquakes

What makes a building smart and intelligent

This exclusive report describes the key components of an intelligent building uPVC windows and doors Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic India shares few features of Window Magic uPVC windows and doors. Eco-friendly: uPVC is Eco-friendly as it provides a smarter substitute for timber or wood which are largely used for making windows and doors resulting

Urbana: Changing Skyline of Kolkata

Urbana, a landmark of superior lifestyle, truly is an amalgamation of contemporary world-class living in the heart of the ‘city of joy’. Urbana, towering over Eastern Metropolitan By-pass, in progress since 2010, is the first futuristic luxury community in the city that transformed Kolkata’s skyline. A vision of six stalwarts of the real estate industry:

Concrete equipment for tall buildings

Concrete pumping technologies are essential for high- rise buildings. Today various range of concrete pumping machines are available that are economical and smart. It also helps in placing the concrete at desired height and place. Due to these features the use of concrete pumping machines has increased. Putzmeister’s complete eSmart range for high-rise and long

5 Construction Tech Trends

Top technology trends that are transforming the construction industry. With India growing at 7 per cent per annum and the government initiative of ‘Housing For All’, the sector is definitely the poster boy of the government’s growth agenda wherein the recent digital push will fuel the further growth and RERA rules will ensure that the

Camfil launches Air Cleaner for commercial buildings in India

Camfil, one of the global leaders in industrial air purification, announced the launch of a new range of energy efficient, versatile Air Cleaners- CC2500 and CC1700. This new range comes with molecular filtration aimed at providing solutions for improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in offices, factories, clinics, hotels, data centres and control rooms. It is