JSW Cement to bring cement-free concrete to India

JSW Cement entered into a joint venture with Australia company Wagner’s Group to promote the concept and usage of Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) in India. “EFC is a geo-polymer based environmental friendly product. The use of EFC will erase the demand of Portland cement which is responsible for high CO2 emission,” the company claims. It

Bosch India running smart city pilot projects in Bengaluru

Drawing knowledge from its core expertise in Mobility Solutions, Bosch India is running pilot projects in the smart city in Bengaluru. Bosch, one of the leading suppliers of technology and services, showcased for the first time its extensive range of connected and smart solutions in the business sectors beyond mobility in India. Solutions from Bosch,

The Economics of Green Buildings

Exclusive analysis on economic returns to the investments in green buildings The green building construction contributes to both global and building economic benefits. In a study carried out by Booz Allen Hamilton, prepared by U.S Green Building Council, the finding indicates that the green construction spending is expected to grow 15.1 per cent, year over

Why Build Green?

Highlighting the tangible as well as intangible benefits of green buildings Green buildings are steadily gaining popularity amongst building owners, tenants and developers, owing to their environmental, economic and social benefits. By their very definition, green buildings are designed to be healthier, energy efficient, water efficient and are constructed using environmental friendly materials. Green buildings

How to optimise energy efficiency of a building

An analysis on how different solutions help building owners reach their efficiency goals R ising energy costs have led to a greater focus on optimising energy consumption and to achieve this, several builders are adopting innovative ways to reach efficiency goals. Recycling or using recyclable materials help in reducing the carbon footprint. There is a

Energy efficient HVAC to improve building performance

Analysis on how building performance can be improved with energy efficient HVAC Due to its large contribution towards indoor environment quality HVAC plays a crucial role in green buildings. Also growing awareness for reducing energy consumption in buildings is driving the market for energy efficient HVAC in India. The article will discuss about HVAC in

An app that brings your dream bathroom or kitchen to life

Hansgrohe@home app offers users plan their dream bathroom and kitchen with a quick and realistic view of the products as they would look in their own home The water tap is the thing we most frequently use in our bathrooms and kitchens. The shower, which is used almost on a daily basis, comes second. That’s

Cementing Green

What makes green cement a sustainable building material? A ugmentation of larger infrastructure projects has opened up vast opportunities for the cement industry in India. Though it’s a highly used material for the construction, it is considered as major culprit of environment. Today green or sustainable material for construction is talk of the town and

Better accuracy and speed in on-site data acquisition for BIM

B IM solutions have resulted in high-quality projects and enabled teams to complete them in a shorter time, and at a lower cost Building Information modelling (BIM), as a concept, first came about in the 1970s, but its methods have been refined considerably since then. Widely used by city planners, architects, and civil engineers today,

Achieving safety management and energy conservation during tunnel construction

A case study on using CompactRIO to build an IoT system for tunnel construction, simultaneously achieving safety management and energy conservation. Background The Zenitaka Corporation has two major business areas: its architectural business focuses on structures such as government buildings, office buildings, and commercial facilities, while its civil engineering business is targeted at structures such