Top Intelligent Building Trends of 2016

Featuring the emerging intelligent building trends to watch The global market for Building Automation Systems (BAS) is at the crossroads of growth. Intelligence, connectivity, sensing, expression, energy and safety – that’s Internet of Things (IoT) collective vision for the future. According to a new report from the research firm Navigant Research, global commercial building automation

Inland waterways a game changer in national connectivity: Nitin Gadkari

Waterways will prove to be a game changer as this would reduce the cost of transportation for goods and passengers, reduce road congestion as well as play a vital role in reducing pollution. Union Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari At present there are only 5 inland waterways and the Centre has identified 106 more. These 111

The rise of the high-rise

Analysis on key trends in the design and construction of high-rise buildings in India Cities worldwide namely Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Shanghai, Dubai, Tokyo are defined by the skyscrapers that have shaped them. With the game of redefining the skyline of its major metropolitans India too is pacing up. These structures are grandiose in

The high rise bug

While thinking about a high-rise building the first image which strikes in the mind would be some Western, Middle Eastern or South East Asian building having are inforced concrete built, steelclad strongcore with curtain walled shining glass covering the architectural marvel spanning not less than 100-200 metres in height scraping the sky. As this picture

Building automation goes mobile

J ohnson Controls introduces Metasys 8.0 with new system configurations, programming capabilities, and additional Information Technology (IT) features to increase productivity, reduce energy costs and enhance security. This is one of the first building automation systems (BAS) in the industry to be optimised for any mobile device. This latest advancement in BAS improves ease of

High rise concrete pumping

Getting into micro-details of pumping concrete for high rise structures Residential construction has come a long way from single story bungalow to more than 100 storeys sky scrapers; and hence quality of the concrete required for the same. Four bag mixers got replaced by mini plants and then by hi-tech fully automatic batching plants. Concrete

Scaling up concrete

With government initiatives, opportunities for ready mix concrete market are expected to open up. We expect to grow by more than 10 per cent. Pralhad Mujumdar, CEO, Ready Mix Concrete Business, ACC Ltd shared his views on the ready mix concrete industry in India. He also briefs about the advanced concrete technology for high-rise building.

Smart Buildings for Smart Cities

How integrating building automation technologies will transform smart building energy management The country is witnessing an immense pressure on traditional energy resources due to rising demand on account of rapid industrialisation, significant shift of rural population to urban areas and population growth. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), India’s energy demand will double by

ArcelorMittal steel for earthquake-resistant high-rise in Manila

An earthquake-resistant luxury apartment complex in the Philippines will feature 700 tonnes of ArcelorMittal steel. K nown as the ‘Imperium Tower’, the 63-storey residential high-rise in Metro Manila is being built using HISTAR 460 sections produced by ArcelorMittal Europe — Long Products’ mill in Differdange. Jean-Claude Gerardy, Senior Project Sales Manager, said, “Steel is a

Comprehensive, transparent energy data saves money from building to machine

Managing energy consumption in buildings, production facilities and machines is critical to the success of a company. Making correct cost reduction decisions require the ability to collect and process all energy-related data. Scalable energy data management systems integrated into PC-based control equipment cover everything from the building to the machine and even each individual motor.