Rhino Water Tanks enters India with TANCLEAN

Rhino Water Tanks, Western Australia’s largest manufacturers of water tanks entered into a joint venture with India’s TANCLEAN Pvt. Ltd. today at the Western Australian Trade Office, Mumbai to bring in the technologically advanced steel rainwater tanks to India.
Looking at the growing infrastructure landscape in India, the two companies plan to set up a warehousing facility and a fabrication unit in India. Their immediate plan is to ship and store the high quality components from Perth and would eventually set up a manufacturing unit if the demand exceeds. 
Rhino Water Tanks has been exporting its advanced equipment and components to more than 25 countries across the globe. Rhino Tanks introduced the technology of steel modular high capacity tanks in India through a distributing tie-up with TANCLEAN in July last year. The tanks sizes range from 26,000 litres to 470,000 litres and offer a host of advantages over existing storage solutions in India. The cost-effective tanks are highly versatile and require very little maintenance once it is installed.
The high-capacity modular tanks can be used for domestic, rural as well as commercial purposes. They can be installed in large townships, SEZs, commercial set ups and also commercial set ups like mining and power companies, sewage treatment plants, etc.

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