Carrier India unveils new energy efficient AC [Oct 2011]

Carrier Air-conditioning & Refrigeration (Carrier India) has introduced its new product line of energy efficient air conditioners for the Indian market, including the X-Power Gold, Durakool Star Premium hi-wall and Estrella range of hi-wall air conditioners, Toshiba range of Super Modular Multi System (SMMSi) air conditioners and Carrier’s AquaThrust 30XA chiller. 
X-Power Gold inverter high-walls combine inverter technology, reliability and extraordinary end user benefits.  The X-Power DC inverter compressor’s high efficiency results in significant energy savings, lowering electricity bills so that consumers can save with Carrier all year around.  Its advanced electronic management system reduces energy consumption by up to 20 per cent when compared with traditional systems.  It offers a superior coefficient of performance (COP), ranging from 3.21 to 3.31.  The company has also launched Durakool Star Premium and Estrella range of hi-wall air conditioners.  These products have been rated between 4 and 5 stars under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating system. Both the ranges are available in 1Tr, 1.5Tr and 2Tr capacity.
Krishan Sachdev, director, Marketing and Strategy stated, “With the launch of these new ranges of energy efficient products, we also want to create customer awareness about the benefits of products that are environmentally sustainable and offer better product lifecycle value to the customer.”
Under the brand Toshiba, Carrier has introduced the SMMSi range of Variable Refrigerant Flow commercial air conditioners. Inverter systems save energy as continuous operation offers the same capacity with lower power consumption. This benefits occupants by maintaining constant room temperatures and benefits the environment by reducing energy consumption.  The introduction of this cutting-edge product is another demonstration of Carrier’s strong commitment to green solutions.
For commercial applications, Carrier has launched another innovative product – the AquaThrust 30XA, an air-cooled liquid chiller with Pro-Dialog Plus Control.  AquaThrust 30XA liquid chillers are an excellent solution for industrial and commercial applications in which installers, consultants and building owners require optimal quality, performance and value. These chillers offer energy efficiency, along with flexibility of use, compact size, and the most reliable technologies available today. 

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