Cementone construction chemicals and coatings [May 2012]

Established in 1776, Cementone has been in the construction chemicals business for over 235 years. Cementone started its operation in India since 1994 and has been producing construction chemicals and coatings of superior quality.
State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of Cementone (India) are situated in Dadra, D&NH, Puducherry (Union Territory) and Bahadrabad, Uttarakhand, where the products are manufactured under strict process and quality control adhering to our product specifications.
Cementone (India) offers one of the largest ranges of construction chemicals and supporting products, coatings for concrete, metal and wood, roofing, flooring and wood adhesives and associate product in the industry.
Its construction chemicals range comprises of waterproofing coatings, sealants, admixtures, primers, anti – corrosive coatings, flooring products and polymer modified bitumen membranes; the products are effective, durable and time tested.
Cemseal Cementone is actively engaged in developing a wide range of high quality products to perform in some of the most hostile environments. The company is constantly developing, testing, improving and introducing quality products to provide better durability, light weight and long term protection. It is also in a position to develop / modify system as per custom requirement of its clients.
The company is one of the leading suppliers to all the major construction companies and builders directly or through its retail chain throughout the country.
Cemseal Cementone has 21 C&F, 400 Distributors and till date it has 12,600 retail counters across the country. The products comply to British standards Institution 5650 (ISO 9001/EN 29001-1987). The company has BM Trade Certification, ISO 9001-2008: UKAS management system 012.
Contact:Cementone (India) Pvt. Ltd.B / 003, Paras, The Golden Touch, 1st Floor, Opp. RNA Township, M.G. Road,Kandivali (West) Mumbai – 400 067Tel: +91-22-326 09763 / 28683472 sales@cementone-india.com www.cementone-india.com

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