Redefining new age smart living

Redefining new age smart living
In this fast-paced world where every second counts, managing time tops the priority list. If you find it hard to coordinate your work and home, smartphone can solve the problems.Avenin GautamVice President,Security and Automation,Silvan Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.
With the rapid penetration of smartphones, every possible function has been reduced to an app, and our home is no exception. The smartphone has now added a new dimension to luxury and convenience at home. It can let us switch off the lights, unlock the door, turn on the TV, etc.
The people, who find it hard to coordinate work and home or do not have adequate help to manage domestic affairs, smartphone can solve all the problems, allowing to do multitask at any place and at any time. Not only we can communicate with our home through our phone, but our also home keeps us posted and alerted at all times when we are out.
But there is a lot to learn before we actually automate our home. We should also keep several things in mind for optimising this system.
Here are some tips on starting off home automation efficiently Do your homeworkBefore you set out to choose your home automation system, you must do your homework. The whole concept of home automation is based on customisation — the perfect combination of automation that suits your home needs. So choosing any attractive package might not make sense from a budget and efficiency point of view. In order to achieve maximum optimisation, it is important that you chalk out your needs before you decide to buy.
Figure out where you can possibly automate.  For example: do you need automation for your security, your appliances or entertainment management? Make a chart of the scenario of your home and the scope for automation in the different areas.
Define your objectivesAfter listing the potential areas for automation, define your objectives. Figure out whether you want to create moods for your home where the lights dim and the projector slides down and starts a movie or are your needs more simplistic. Unless you define the exact benefits you want to extract from the system, you might find yourself lost in the sea of automation availability. Once you have identified the exact needs, you will be to make the best choice for your home. Understand the technologyThere are different technologies and software which have different things to offer. Each of them has their own functionalities, advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the degree to which you want to go to automate your house, there are a number of different systems you can use. Therefore, it is important that you understand them so that you make an informed decision without regretting later. For example: if you have appliances from different brands, you would want to go in for a technology that would be compatible with different brands. So make sure you understand the technology from the right person, and if you are not convinced insist on more information.
Pick your interface cleverlyChoose the gadget which you would want to use to control the automation. It could be your smartphone, your iPad or even a remote control. Make sure that the interface is convenient for you to operate the system. For example: the smartphone may be a good idea since you carry it everywhere and use it all the time as opposed to a tablet which you may not like to carry around all the time and to every place. If some of your family members don’t like to use high-tech gadgets, ensure that the conventional switches work in conjunction with automation.
Start off simpleDon’t start by adding anything and everything available or a fancy package that goes beyond your needs and objectives. Begin with something simple such as lightings and appliance management, or if security is an immediate concern, automate the security system first. Once you start warming up to the processes, you can add automation to other areas. This will help you become comfortable with the system and can give you a good direction for automating other parts of your home. This progression of technology adoption can be enabled by some smart planning in the initial phase.
Keep a tab on the functioningKeep a record on how the system is working. It is important to keep a check so that you can identify the problem and troubleshooting becomes easier. Also, you can know if the system is working to your expectations before you decide to proceed with automating the rest of your home.
Home automation can change your entire lifestyle, especially if you spend most part of your day away from home and are always on your toes. This concept goes way beyond making life luxurious. With centralised control on a single interface, you can leave home without being constantly paranoid about whether you switched off the stove properly or locked all the doors.
However, it is important to make sure that you know what you are doing. Home automation is a concept to which Indians are gradually warming up, and the level of awareness about the systems and technologies is still low. Therefore, it is important that you understand everything about it before you make the decision and shell out your hard-earned cash. Take it slow and easy instead of plunging into the whole thing and finding yourself struggling to catch up with the system.
But once you have got it right, you can let your hair down and control your home even while you are away, just with the click on your gadget.

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