Newton Autosteel: software for steel bar cutting lengths

Newton Autosteel: software for steel bar cutting lengths
Newton Software has developed software that can calculate the bar-bending schedules from AutoCAD drawing. A brief from Sunil Nevagi, Director of the company
Steel calculation forms a major element in the cost of a construction project. Steel is required in footing, columns beams and slab. Newton has developed software that can calculate the bar-bending schedules from AutoCAD drawing.
How does it work?Autosteel software work as an add-on tool within AutoCAD and helps to arrive at the bar-cutting lengths for steel and the BBS as well. Autosteel helps to filter the steel items into an Excel sheet.
What are the major items calculated thru this software?The software helps process the BBS for the bar0cutting lengths from the AutoCAD drawing. . Footing. Columns. Beams. Slabs . Raft.What is the background required for a person to use this software?Normally most of the drawings are already on AutoCAD; only the mode of drafting varies. One needs a civil engineer with a little background in AutoCAD.
How does Newton arrange for training?Newton mostly gives training through Internet with tools like TeamViewer, Skype or whichever is available where the users’ drawing can be accessed by the company from its office and the trainer will communicate.
How long does it take for training?The company usually requires about two to three sittings of 3 hours each, and a person can start working out the BBS very easily. The distance is not a problem. Once Internet is activated, engineer can be given training through Internet. How simple is it?For any civil engineer with knowledge of AutoCAD, the software is very easy to use and implement. The use of this software can begin within one-two sessions of training.
What is the need?Manually working out the steel bar cutting lengths and then the BBS is a very cumbersome and lengthy process, also in which the manual errors can cause huge losses. This software eliminates human errors and gives the exact requirement of steel according to the drawing. The systematic presentation of BBS also helps in systematic procedure of procurement and cost planning in the steel component.
In most of the construction offices, the new-generation civil engineers are aware of AutoCAD and similar software packages, hence it is very easy to train them on the software for BBS and save the time and money.  How does one use the BBS service?Once the BBS drawings are produced by this software, these can be mailed directly to a steel factory and procure the steel in the cut length form. The steel can come in following forms, based on the capacity of the steel factory.
• Steel factory can send the cut bars and then can be bent at site.• Steel factory can send the cut, bend the bars and dispatch to the site.• Steel factory can send neatly tied steel bars per column, per beam etc.Are the steel factories equipped for this? Given the detail design, the factories can provide the cut lengths as required. There is no special automation required at the factory end.

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