Tekla and Trimble: changing dimension of business environment

Tekla and Trimble: changing dimension of business environment“Tekla has transformed Trimble, as much as Trimble has changed Tekla,” said Bryn Fosburgh, Vice President (Heavy & Highway Construction), Trimble Buildings GroupTekla, with the collaboration of Trimble Buildings Group, helps the construction industry be more productive through advanced, accessible and intuitive technologies. Its portfolio of synergistic hardware, software and service streamlines communication and collaboration throughout the design-build-operate life cycle with targeted solutions enables architects, structural professionals, MEP trades, general contractors and construction managers, and building owners to realise greater efficiency and profitability.Product offeringsTrimble offers its entire product portfolio in the Indian market. Briefing about the product offerings, Bryn Fosburgh, Vice President, Trimble, who is responsible for company’s heavy and highway construction business, said, “In India, we modify our products as per the requirements of the customers. Most of our products use the same base product, and those base products are then modified or localised according to Indian needs, that’s the key you need for localisation, the way a peculiar country or region want to see the reports or how they want to implement the project, how they want engineering requirements may be different from a localised perspective and we have to address that. We have engineering department in Mumbai office that looks after how to localise the products for Indian market.”Mr Fosburgh further added, “In architecture, we have product such as SketchUp which is involved in architecture application and have structural products with Tekla. Trimble also has MEP solutions which have acquired various regional-based MEP solutions for both Europe and the North America and are working on hardware solutions to fit in Indian market. We have also developed GPS product for metrological department in India for weather predictions.”Expansion plan and acquisitionDiscussing about their expansion plan in India, he said, “We continue to grow in India and we look at the country in a unique way. We don’t see India as outsourcing capability for the rest of the world. Our important local resources allow us to create solution for the Indian market. If we look here at Tekla office in Mumbai which cover structures, we have group of people who are involved in the localisation of the Tekla products in the Indian market, our intention is to do the same for all our products in building construction as well as other businesses that Tremble has presence. India is a very strategic market for Trimble.”Informing about Tekla acquisition, he said, “Tekla has transformed Trimble, as much as Trimble has changed Tekla. Tekla has brought an experience to the Indian market which Trimble didn’t have and Tekla has a long history of doing business in India, specifically in software industry that is being very unique.” StrategyTalking about strategic approach Trimble is going to take for Indian market, Mr Fosburgh said, “We really work at Indian market as how we can become very intimate with problems faced by the Indian customers and make sure our solutions can solve those problems. We don’t just make our products in Finland, US or in Germany and then send it for Indian market. We use our team in India, whether it is in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad or Bangalore office to create solutions that solves problem faced by Indian customer.”ChallengesThe challenges in India are not much different compared to challenges faced in other countries. While discussing about the challenges faced by the company in India, he said, “The real challenge is to get the message to the customers that the integration and solution offered by the company to reduce rework and improve quality and process. In India, we are doing business since the mid-1990s with multiple offices. I think we are thoroughly familiar with the Indian market, and we are continuously learning and modify our offerings.” He further said that their goals and challenges are to determine what are the problems faced by the customers and addressing those challenges with localise solution and secondly giving the message to the Indian customers that their products reduce rework and give higher quality of products.Creating awarenessSpeaking about creating awareness about the company, he feels that today Tekla has very strong brand in India whereas Trimble has to reach that level. He added, “Trimble’s goal is to leverage Tekla’s brand and their relationships to our customer base to get a give better idea of what Trimble’s capabilities should be. We visited customers to explain them about Trimble’s entire product portfolio, some of them are already Tekla’s customers and some are not, but our goal is to continue market ourselves by going to customers and showing Trimble’s products for Indian market.”He also emphasised, “We think that we are much different than other companies, because we address not only software part but also the field part. We believe that we have leadership position in addressing building construction continue and we believe we are something unique that is in field and office.”

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