Quest Informatics helps companies manage aftermarket processes efficiently

What are your efforts to increase the acceptance of your products?
Unprecedented business environment is creating new challenges to companies across the world, shrinking sales and margins. Thus leading companies to look for alternate ways for increasing revenues to protect company shareholders interests, After-market is one of the areas where companies can gain substantial revenue and sustainable advantage by making small investments. Our products and services are well positioned to help them streamline after-market processes comprehensively and bring in significant efficiency in short span of time. Our offerings are well received in the market.
What is the current reality in after-market processes?
In many companies after-market process are discontinuous and not aligned, there is loss of valuable information and actions hurting customer experience and revenue generation.
What kind of efficiency are you talking about?
Companies that are using Quest after-market products and solutions have gained from efficiency in terms of service resource productivity, customer experience, efficiency and first call effectiveness (providing quick solutions). Companies using our products benefit from allocation efficiency (right allocation of available resources to address customer needs), improved planning (how quickly can one can reach them), and resolution quality (outcome impacting the customer experience). All these activities are well addressed in our field service management, support desk and after-market ERP. Apart from these system level efficiencies, our products and solutions bring efficiency in inventory management, service handling, service agreements, tracking revenue leakages, tools handling, etc. Overall the customer benefits from reduction in total ownership cost of managing the after-market process and reduced risk of supply chain failures.
How encouraging is it for the first-generation entrepreneurs to come to such level?
Customers have accepted our solutions and products wholeheartedly and their support keeps us going. Our domain expertise and excellent team have stood to deliver high quality products and services. Ultimately, we are bringing value to the customers and that is what underlies our success. Quest Informatics has been earnestly identifying customers’ pain and addresses them with right solutions and products. We have got immense satisfaction for what we have built so far.
What are the key features you offer to customers, or what have you promised to give them?
Implementation is becoming a big issue in any large enterprise solution; though, the time we take to implement our products are quite fast. Typically, an ERP roll out goes live after 9-12 months, we can make up and running in 3 months flat for our flagship product After Market ERP and start showing results. Our business rules friendly, work flow based after-market products represent the best of industry practices that do not require investment of time and efforts in configuration or customisation. It is not only about giving products, it is also about how do you support and make it success. Our customers like our support which goes beyond “I am available now” motto, but also helps them to systematically gain from small improvements even after rolling out of solution

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