UPVC Windows: efficiency with elegant look

Benefits of UPVC Windows
• UPVC windows have elegant looks; enhances exteriors and interiors of the building• Require minimum maintenance efforts as it is easy to clean surfaces• Galvanised reinforcements for strength, ensuring protection• Poor conductors of heat• Have excellent sealing with multiple point locks and fusion welded joints; hence reduces air-conditioning costs• No rust, corrosion, swelling and free from all infestations, resulting in minimal maintenance• Multipoint Locking system with reinforcements and fusion welded joints for complete security• Lead-free profiles• Energy Conservation Building Code compliant
The ubiquitous window has undergone many changes over the years. Till the recent times most homes in the country had only the wooden frame with a mesh. The other option was the metal and glass window locked into place with a latch. The next innovation was the powder-coated aluminium windows that slid with ease and offered better insulation than the previous two cases.
Windows have since moved on, and one creative innovation that has gaining popularity in the window frame industry is the Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC) windows.
These windows are constructed of a material similar to vinyl and have high resistance to oxidation, chemical exposure and sunlight, which means that these windows do not need much maintenance and have longevity over 40-50 years.These windows come with a very high-quality surface finish, soft contoured profiles and a variety of styles to meet the needs of the most demanding architects, designers and users. UPVC windows enhances clean environment and gives a big transformation to the living styles. These windows also support the Green Buildings Ratings.
Their inherent strengths as mentioned above make UPVC windows ideal for all types of weather conditions that prevail across the country. Such windows are being commonly used as a substitute to traditional wood-framed windows.
Although wood-framed windows, if done properly, look elegant and rich, the downside however, is that they are very expensive and they need competent craftsmanship to match the customers’ expectations.
As compared to wood-framed windows, the UPVC windows are easy to maintain and are affordable.
They are energy efficient and have very good insulation properties that are an important factor when faced with extreme temperature. Besides they are mass-produced and that allows for standardization and quality control. It is very environment friendly as well.
These windows are resilient and robust, and are quite reliable when seen from the angle of security. The window frames are constructed to a high degree of hardness making it extremely difficult to break through or damage. The material is inherently the most durable of materials available.
The most appealing feature of a UPVC window is that it is virtually maintenance-free. Powder-coated aluminium windows need a deft hand to get all the grime off the sliding rails. Wood-framed mesh windows are another chore altogether.
In contrast, UPVC windows need only the old tried-and-tested methods: an all-natural solution of vinegar and water followed by an application of gloss to restore the shine, as is explained in what follows

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