Inpod scaling new heights

Inpod has truly pushed the boundary and scaled new heights in portable housing
 Technology is seeping into every aspect of our lives, making us more efficient than ever before. This is the technological age where innovation and design give us a competitive edge. Sometimes, new technology has been so revolutionary that it takes time to adopt. Once the benefits are seen, it commands attention, gathers momentum and spreads like wildfire.
An example of new technology capturing the market is Tesla Motors, which designs and manufactures premium electronic cars that run on lithium-ion battery. These cars are only one of a kind to do long distances, being the first all electric cars to travel more than 200 miles per charge. Tesla is not a cheap option; in fact, it is only for those discerning customers who know good quality and are willing to pay a price for it. Another example is Apple smartphones. When these were first launched, they disrupted the market and had most advanced OS. They too charged a premium for their sleek design and one of a kind features. These case studies highlight ‘disruptive innovators’. These improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by designing for a different set of consumers in a new market.
Inpod adopts a similar approach. Inpod is building a space for emerging needs for those looking for a smart new solution in housing. It designed houses that anyone would love for its modern, luxurious look and feel. But beyond that who would think that these houses can be carried anywhere! This April, Inpod successfully completes 1 year in the market, and the response has been extremely positive. The Indian customers are ready for high-quality solutions as well as willing and able to pay for it.
Early innovative design will always come at a price and this is a theme where Inpod has focused on. Some of the early adopters of the product were foreign companies like German multinationals setting up operations in far-out locations. Now Inpod has also sold a number of pods as site offices and second homes to the Indian customers across sectors such as builders and developers, not to mention individuals looking for smarter solutions for their second homes away from the city. Inpod just like its customers are trend setters and never satisfied with the status quo. It questioned the belief that style and luxury do not go together, anything portable has to be makeshift, or a house cannot be set up at a click of a button. Inpod has significant amount of advocates for its luxury portable housing structures who are calling it the “revolution of the construction industry”.
The concept of Inpod is similar to the concept of lego blocks. Hence, the company can design second homes or offices in the layout and structure which clients like immediately. Inpod spaces are easily scalable, and with the growth of office and family, additions can be made onto existing space with minimum disruption. The range of Inpod products is ideal for second homes, resorts and beach houses, with stylish self-contained bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. No one needs to compromise with its state-of-the-art fittings and fixtures. Inpod ensures that its homes are fully loaded with John Guest plumbing, Duravit sanitary ware, Daikin air conditioning, floor coverings by Egger and wall coverings by Jotun/Nippon.
Today inpod has also moved to newer markets with a dealership and display in Delhi and with plans for a pan India footprint. Soon farmers in Haryana, hotel owners in Guwahati, or store owners in Gujarat can all use an Inpod structure to live and work. Inpod looks to the future with renewed energy and has many iterations of its products for the Indian customers. It has truly pushed the boundary and scaled new heights in portable housing. Inpod plans on continuing to vow its customers with innovative products for years to come and sets to introduce the first G+1 ultraluxury villas.

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