China plans a 13000 km rail line to America

The proposed  China-Russia plus America line would take two days travelling at an average speed of 350 kms per hour
 Over the years, China has created a benchmark in infrastructure development. Successful execution of high-speed rail line around the country has strengthen the countrys transport network and provided a comparatively easy option instead of a lengthy chore to the commutes.
Now, the country plans to further strengthen its footprint and build an ambitious railway track to operate bullet trains to America through Russia passing through a tunnel underneath the Pacific Ocean to reach the United States via Alaska and Canada.
The project, nicknamed as the China-Russia plus America line, would run for 13000 kms, about 3000 kms further than the Trans-Siberian Railway. Once completed, the entire trip would take two days travelling at an average speed of 350 kms per hour.
According to the official media, the construction of this rail network connecting China with Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore is set to commence next month.
The plan is expected to begin with the construction of a 30-km long tunnel connecting China with Myanmar. The China-Russia plus America line  will cross the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska through a 200-km undersea tunnel.
So far, China has completed more than 11000 kms of bullet train network and more than 12000 kms of new track is currently under construction. China has also expressed its desire of building a high-speed rail network connecting India and Pakistan. Also, it is already in discussions to develop a new high-speed railway link across Turkey.
Though this feat of engineering is still in planning stages, it is being considered to be a major game changer once executed as far as the world trade and transport is concerned.

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