Cuirass Doors: innovative yet traditional

“Cuirass Doors are here to stay and to improve further,” states Saleem K, Managing Director, Cuirass Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.
 Cuirass Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. has already made its mark in the building material industry. Its steel doors are innovative, yet traditional in feel. Made of well-insulated steel, Cuirass Doors also comply with the international standards of cold-rolled steel after anti-corrosion treatment. In an interview with ACE Update, Mr Saleem shares how Cuirass Doors succeeded to change the common mindset and replace traditional wooden doors.
Share the journey of Cuirass Doors in the steel doors industry.We had started our journey in Kerala when people have not been even able to dream of steel doors. We had to convince the people who had set the mind that only the wooden doors are suitable for the houses. In the initial stage, we had to hear ‘no’ from the existing dealers of building materials. As a marketing strategy, we introduced the products and educated to those who wanted to start marketing business. We contacted such more people and slowly planted the roots for growing. Then we started receiving the enquiries from other building material dealers as well. The next step was to bring more awareness for steel doors through the print media among the customers. As a step forward, we started promoting through magazines, and still it is continuing. We have completed 9 years in the market, and Cuirass Doors is a well-known name in the building material industry. Now Cuirass is an ISO 9001:2008 company.
How is the sector behaving and where is it going be in the next 5 years?We are growing in Kerala. As the enquiry for Cuirass Doors are growing, we plan to have the presence of Cuirass Doors in every states in the next 5 years.
What are the trends in steel doors?As we are in the business for the last 9 years, the general trend is, Cuirass Doors are here to stay and to improve further.
Brief some of the unique features that make Cuirass Doors irresistible.There are many. First, Cuirass Doors are available in traditional wood colours. Second, these are made of well-insulated steel and laminated under 400 C. They comply with the international standards of cold-rolled steel after anti-corrosion treatment. Third, our steel doors are resistant to rust and corrosion because of the sound surface treatment. They have extensive anti-rusting qualities and don’t need any maintenance such as the annual painting and polishing. Fourth, when the door is locked at one place, it will be double locked at 11 other places of the same door due to the highly advanced method of computer design, Fifth, Cuirass Doors are the only doors in India having 180 degree opening capability. Sixth, the anti-theft locking system. The reinforced door hinges ensure maximum security, while the door viewer gives a clear, vast view of the surroundings. Finally, the in-built pelmet, and locking system, among others make cuirass steel doors less expensive than the wooden doors.
What kind of innovation we can expect from Cuirass Doors?We are always on the lookout for innovative ideas and would be updating our product line with new models.

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