Durastrip: versatile, self-adhesive

 Durable Products, a young enterprise, started in 2007 with endeavour to focus on business of international quality waterproofing tapes made from SBS bitumen and butyl. Its products are marketed under name of Durastrip. Durastrip delivers value that comprises of a superior quality of product, prompt response, service and delivery. As a result of its commitment towards its customers, Durastrip is now well recognised brand in its niche waterproofing segment.
DurastripDurastrip is self-adhesive, flexible and versatile product. It offers cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for waterproofing and sealing of existing and new roofs made up of asbestos, galvanised iron or mild steel. SBS bitumen or butyl compound forms the core of five layers composite strip with reinforced aluminium covering on the top and silicon adhesive layer protected by release paper on the bottom. The products meet ASTM International specifications.
Areas of application• Building: GI, asbestos, MS roof, pre-fabricated structure, porta cabins, expansion joints, pipe plumbing and air-conditioning ducts•  Household: sealing of cracks in FRP sheets, canopy and awning for green house•  Cement-based surface: substrates asbestos, concrete and vitrified tiles•  Metal-based surface: substrates of steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, mild steel, galvanized iron and other alloy products•  Polymers: polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, PVC and ABS•  Other materials: wood, glass, fibreglass and canvas products.
BenefitsThe aluminium covering of Durastrip provides protection from the external environmental factors like ultraviolet rays, reactive gases and sunlight, thus enhances the life of bond with surface.
The strong adhesion quality of Durastrip ensures a stronger bond lasting for a long period unless it is deliberately peeled off. The qualities of flexibility and pliability of Durastrip helps withstand the structural movements and prevents cracking of bonded substrates.The application of Durastrip on AC ducts and coils provides insulation and prevent energy losses.
The DIY (Do it yourself) attribute of Durastrip results in economy of resources.
Packaging and storageThe Durastrip is available in a standard reel of 10-metre length with 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm width, which are used sizes in construction industry. The reels of larger width, if required, can be offered for special applications. Packs for 1 metre and half metre in width of 50 mm are also available.
Durastrip can retain its qualities and characteristics for long period. To get the best results, one needs to use it within 18 months from the date of manufacture. The Durastrip reels should be stored in a covered dry place at room temperature.

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