Innovation is part of inpod’s DNA

 inpod believes that the single most important factor or “X-Factor” is innovation that will move the construction and infrastructure sector forward. inpod also believes in innovation as part of its DNA. Original ideas and disruptive processes that create better standards of working and better quality products is what the construction industry in India truly needs.
Doing the same thing again and again will achieve the same results and in fact achieve lower productivity. In Indian construction, the industry seems to be lacking in this basic proposition that doing things in new and better ways will accelerate its growth and help develop world-class products. India ranks low on the innovation scale. Fundamentally, new products indigenously produced are rarely heard of. By this inpod does not mean a change in process or an addition to what exists, but a completely new product, patented and manufactured from scratch.
inpod has developed a fundamentally new product that is built quickly and built to last. With a completely Indian genesis, (“in” stands for India), one can have entire townships ready, in a fraction of the time, with a look of an international city. inpod homes are low maintenance, with a durability of over 50 years and protect against natural calamities. It has also filed for patent for its product that will establish its Indian ethos.
Our government is also realising the need to innovate locally with “Make in India” theme. It is focusing on smart cities and affordable housing that will prove beneficial to the Indian consumers. This huge demand for affordable housing cannot be met by conventional materials or methods alone. We can learn a lot from developed countries where construction industry is well organized and most of the processes resemble an assembly line. Out of the box thinking to deliver better designed and more efficient homes will help our country transition to a new level of infrastructure. We see the need to innovate as critical, focus on alternate building materials and newer technologies will give us a competitive advantage.
For the Indian construction industry to transition to a robust one like developed economies, adoption of new methods of application and execution are necessary. The system needs to be made transparent, by taking the whole process online so that projects can be tracked and bottlenecks easily removed. Acceptances of newer ways of building and better managed projects with seamless designs that benefit the consumer need to be implemented.
inpod has been lucky to work with clients that are innovators themselves. JSW Steel has constantly innovated to be the best in the industry. inpod recently delivered a state-of-the-art office at JSW Steel in Alibaug. The brief was to deliver an office that could be manufactured fast and provide the finest environment to work in. The office was manufactured and delivered onsite within 3 months. The end consumer had the opportunity to see exactly what they would get delivered, and there was no deviation from the standard.
inpod offered JSW a durable product with low maintenance, which looks and feels luxurious. The JSW office had in-built conference room and set up for full-fledged team to start working immediately. The critical issues for its clients of immediate usability and a superior quality office were met. Because of this experience, JSW have decided to have inpod to build the entire office complex. inpod is now building 24 more pods in the next phase. inpod can deliver homes and offices out of an assembly line that will produce to the exact specifications mentioned. This is the X-Factor that other manufacturers are still to develop.

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