Digitising lifestyle with 3D Tile Visualiser


3D Tile Visualiser enables the user to visualise, through virtual reality, how certain products will look in his or her space prior to a purchase.

Enhancing lifestyle
Urban consumers are no longer interested in mere functional bathroom. Today they are looking for bathrooms that have contemporary designs and aesthetics and at the same time are environmentally friendly. Consumers are increasingly looking forward to enhance their lifestyles with technological and environment friendly products and gadgets. And with the advent of technological prowess in the industry, this choice is becoming easier to meet.

While explaining about how the technology is transforming the construction industry Abhishek Somany, JMD, Somany Ceramics Ltd says, “Over the past couple of years the construction industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Most of the innovations revolve around smart homes which have features such as smart bathrooms to adopt sustainable development and efficient energy management.”

However, he observes, “While globally this is a well-established phenomenon, it is still at a nascent stage in India.” Somany Ceramics, aim to bring the global standard of living in India and innovative products at an affordable price. As the Indian consumers are getting more aware about energy conservation and sustainability, the construction industry is expected to evolve rapidly.”

Durable floors and tiles
With today’s fast paced urban lifestyles, construction is no longer only about durability and performance alone. Technological progress has introduced much advancement which has led to a difference between new and old construction methods. The year 2016 witnessed major breakthroughs in the industry with various unconventional developments.

Highlighting the breakthrough technology Somany said, “Recently, we introduced our patented revolutionary VC Shield Hard Coat technology. It not only combats key issues like glaze abrasion, but also balances true functionality with brilliant aesthetics while ensuring a lifelong durability of the floors.”

The company also launched its extra strong, heavy duty, vitrified Stone16 tiles, which have double the thickness of an ordinary tile providing unmatched strength and durability. This range of thicker, high-performance, engineered Durastonetiles are easy to lay and provides excellent performance guaranteeing load resistance, anti-skid finish and convenient maintenance.

Taking the concept of personalisation one step further, the company also introduced the Somany Digital Tiles, which provide greater definition, richer colours and almost inimitable designs. Based on principles and procedures similar to those used in graphic art work, Somany Digital Concept is a state-of-the-art digital printing system for ceramic surfaces.

HThe company marked its presence in the virtual world with the launch of Somany 3D Tile Visualiser. The visualiser is the first of its kind in the industry to tap the space of virtual reality, which is now one of the most powerful mediums of communication. The 3D Tile Visualiser enables the user to visualise, through virtual reality, how certain products will look in his or her space prior to a purchase. “Products and innovation like these represent the trends which are laying down the pathway for a digital transformation of the construction industry,” Somany adds.

VC Shield technology for tiles
Somany Ceramics intent is to provide its customers with innovation and style through the excellence of its products. R&D has always been one of the strongest pillars of the Somany Ceramics legacy and the past few years have been extremely crucial for them in terms of usage and introduction of advanced technology.

Briefing on the most advanced technology introduced by the company Somany said, “Our VC Shield technology outperformed the PEI Grade V tiles, which itself is a worldwide benchmark for high abrasion. This revolutionary patented technology renders a specially treated coating that protects each tile against abrasion, scratches and stain, thus ensuring timeless elegance.”

In addition the company also introduced Anti Slip Tiles which is an outcome of extensive research carried out by them. These unique tiles with Slip Shield Technology are the country’s first anti-skid tiles and are perfect for swimming pools, bathrooms, ramps, etc.

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