CASE comes up with new road machines


We offer the most advanced technological products which are suited to the basic Indian requirements of high fuel efficiency and productivity.

The construction equipment industry has been investing heavily in technology adaptation and providing state-of-the-art machinery, considering the recent technological advancements in the use of construction equipment. CASE construction is known for its world-class products and quality customer support across the world. “We offer the most advanced technological products which are suited to the basic Indian requirements of high fuel efficiency and productivity,” says Shalabh Chaturvedi, Head of Marketing, CASE India. “We focus on continuous product development along with use of quality engines along with regular maintenance to improve the equipment performance and increase fuel-efficiency and durability.”

Intelligent Compaction System (ICS) is one of the recent technological innovations with several advantages over conventional compaction technologies. However, it being still at a nascent stage suffers from lack of adequate knowledge among engineers and is costlier than conventional compactors. Chaturvedi informs, “The equipment used in small scale projects are selected by contractors. Hence the recommendation and acceptance of intelligent compaction systems has to come from the contractor fraternity, who has to educate themselves and get to understand the advantages this technology offers. ICS automatically generate reports on temperature of the strata and the number of passes. CASE India offers these systems as an optional attachment along with our equipments.”

“Recently upgraded CASE 1107EX soil compactor ensures powerful, fuel-efficient performance. It features a new FPT industrial S8000 3.9 litre engine that delivers 100 hp at 2200 rpm and torque of 435 Nm at 1300 rpm. The turbo after cooled engine with internal exhaust gas recirculation ensures best-in-class fuel economy. The more than 2 million S8000 engines at work across the world are testament to the reliability of this proven power plant. The maximum applied force in the range of 34 tonnes is among the best in the industry. The hydrostatic variable speed control ensures the CASE 1107EX travels at the perfect speed for every type of soil, resulting in a uniform compaction,” Chaturvedi states.

In addition to the above, the company has recently launched new models of crawler dozers 1150L and 1650L ranging from 13 to 20 tonnes of operating weight with “Hydrostatic Transmission” technology, powered by a 6.7-litre 6-cylinder engine engineered by FPT Industrial. This tier III FPT industrial engine introduces new features and upgrades that raise the bar on performance, and deliver market leading fuel economy and power. The turbocharged engine with an air-to-air intercooler features a well-proven multi-injection technology to maximise torque back-up under load. The result is consistent performance, higher pulling capacity and an ability to work with high torque at lower engine RPM reducing long term engine wear.

The proven hydrostatic transmission ensures the CASE dozer is able to deliver maximum pull and push power. The operator can customise all the working parameters of the machine to achieve excellent controllability and faster cycle times. The automated functions in the cab, which includes an electrohydraulic joystick to customise the reversing and steering sensitivity, make the drivers’ job easier, allowing them to achieve shorter cycle times and boost their productivity. Easy service and maintenance is achieved through easy access ground level service check points. The cab can be tilted to provide full access to all main powertrain components. The 1150L and 1650L models are available with XLT tracks to deliver excellent drawbar pull force and perfect dozer accuracy. CASE loader backhoes are re-engineered from the ground up to deliver industry-leading backhoe breakout force, greater loader lift capacity/reach and best-in-class cab visibility.

CASE India has introduced globally followed “World-Class Manufacturing” processes at the Pithampur plant. Among the other initiatives in the same direction, the company has successfully lowered the sound levels in all the construction equipment enhancing operator comfort, which in turn increases productivity.

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