KABAN delivers finest windows fabrication machinery

KABAN Makina from Turkey ranks among the world’s leading manufacturers of production technology for UPVC and aluminium fabrication machines.

KABAN offers comprehensive services range – from planning a production facility to optimising the workflow. KABAN machines cover all these critical aspects and withstand all requisites for window fabrication with CE Standard machines.

What is important for window fabricators while investing in capital equipments, at broader level one can say quality and best price! However, if we split these terms, there are many influential aspects such as machine efficiency, productivity, user friendliness, consistency, upgradability, running cost, maintenance cost, operational safety, service back up and so on.

Technical solutions for customers have been the company’s focus since its inception in 1986. As a machine manufacturer, KABAN believes that the high quality pays dividends with consistent use, which makes investment viable. With same focus KABAN – R&D always offers importance to modularity of machine. The company is also focused on improving its process in order to cope with the ever changing demands and conditions. As a result, at present in India, KABAN has several customers using their machines since last 10 years and still going on without forfeiting its efficiency.

Today, KABAN has a production facility in an area of 35,000 square metres at Istanbul, with the manufacturing capacity over 5,000 machines per year, which is one of the biggest machine manufacturing facilities in this segment. Equipped with a wide range of conventional and high-end automated machines or processing centres, the facility can produce from 90 to 800 frames per shift which is equivalent of 20 to 200 windows per shift.

With KABAN’s wealth of experience, you do not have to make compromises with machines! KABAN provides advice and support to help install these machines at your production site. The company also provide adequate operator training for smooth operations of machines.


Sachin Kadave
Sales Head – India
Kaban Ic ve Dis Tic Ltd Sti. Istanbul, Turkey.
Email: sachin@kaban.in

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