Kobelco’s Generation 10 Series with higher productivity


Road construction has been the key driver of the Indian economy due to its vital position in the infrastructure development activity. Due to the huge volume of work to be executed in a limited time-frame, there is an increasing demand for utilising various types of specialized machines.

Kobelco is a global major in the manufacturing of Hydraulic Excavators with manufacturing plants at multiple locations across the world. Excavators constitute the second most common category of construction equipment after Backhoe Loaders. Excavators are very versatile machines which find several applications in the road building activity. It starts with site clearing and cutting as well as excavation depending upon the terrain. In rocky areas, they are used with Rock Breaker attachments, also offered by the Kobelco network under the brand name OKADA. The other major application of Kobelco Excavators is in the excavation, crushing and handling of aggregates required for the road construction at stone quarries located in the vicinity of the construction zone.
Kobelco’s advanced features like low emissions, very low sound levels, low fuel consumption, etc help in faster execution of work at lower operating cost and with minimal impact on the surroundings, which are usually close to human habitations.

Kobelco has recently launched its latest model under the Generation 10 Series with even higher productivity and durability for much higher Return on Investment (RoI) for the owners.

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