Henkel launches LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders


Henkel India has launched two LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders, next generation of universal bonders powered by patented hybrid technology. LOCTITE HY 4060GY and LOCTITE HY 4090 combine instant bonding qualities and structural bonding durability, reliability and strength, thus radically transforming the world of manufacturing. The hybrid products will create limitless design and repair solutions in industrial applications.

The hybrid adhesives have applications in varied industries that include production and manufacturing, design and assembly, medical device companies, heavy duty equipment’s, commercial vehicles, automotive, process industries, electrical machinery and component manufacturing.
The hybrid products offer good moisture, temperature and chemical resistance, is impact and vibration resistant, and can be used for cold-temperature applications. It works across a wide variety of substrates making it a product of high demand in industrial applications.

These products were launched on structural bonding day in an event held in Pune at the Auto Cluster Development and Research Institute by Henkel Adhesives Technology India, witnessed eminent presence of Henkel experts as well as stalwarts from partner companies such as JCB, Siemens, Godrej & Boyce.

Pradhyumna Ingle, Business Director, General Industry, Henkel Adhesives Technologies India conducted a session – ‘Designing with Structural Adhesives’ and ‘Innovations in Structural Adhesives’.

The highlight of the event was the demonstration that showcased Henkel’s use of technology to drive innovation in the industry. The two-ironred coloredbolts were bonded by the hybrid product that lifted a weight of 624kgs. The interesting fact to note is that the product used was just 0.3 grams, yet it could hold such a big load.

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