KYB-Conmat aims to be one-stop shop for all concrete equipment needs


We have been growing year over year and had a great 2017 and we expect 2018 to be even better.

What’s your outlook on the construction equipment market in India?
The Indian construction equipment sector is made up of five main segments: Earthmoving equipment, road construction equipment, concrete equipment, material handling equipment, and material processing equipment. India’s infrastructure sector is poised to grow significantly with the increasing demand for development of key infrastructure projects such as roads and highways, rural connectivity, urban infrastructure including metro rail projects, ports and airports, industrial corridors, smart city projects, etc. Investment and implementation of key projects are the concerns of the construction and construction equipment industry. Several initiatives by the government such as 100 smart city projects, urban infrastructure including metro rail projects, port development, the creation of an industrial corridor and a dedicated freight corridor, would boost the country’s infrastructure development. So, for a growing economy like India the infrastructure sector and construction industry will prosper in the long run.

How has 2017 been for your KYB-Conmat? What’s your future outlook?
KYB-Conmat aims to be a major contributor to the country’s growth story. We have been growing year over year and had a great 2017, and we expect 2018 to be even better. KYB-Conmat has seen consistent growth since 2015 due to the widespread acceptability of our products in the market. We recently celebrated the rollout of our 1,000th Transit Mixer from our Vadodara facility. We are looking to expand our market and reach, both domestically and internationally. We also wish to explore unchartered territories in the international markets. We have some new products currently in the development stage, which we are planning to launch soon. At the same time, it will also be our endeavor to upgrade and keep our existing product offerings up-to-date with the latest technology. Our aim is to be the one-stop shop for all concrete equipment needs of a customer and we are working on front foot to achieve that.

How has been the demand pattern for batching plants?
As the government drives the development of road transport infrastructure, there is a surge in the demand for road paving machinery of longer widths of operation, as the contractors prefer to complete the pavement process in a single pass. This creates a need for concrete production to be done at higher rates, requiring concrete batching plants with higher capacities. We sensed an opportunity and upgraded our manufacturing facilities to produce higher capacity plants. We have sold over 40 nos. of 120-240 cu.m. plants in last one year. Also, we began exploring possible avenues of addressing the customer’s challenges and providing them with world-class equipment that would help them achieve their aims and targets.

What are your expectations from the forthcoming EXCON?
EXCON is the premier construction equipment show not just in India but also in South Asia. It is a great opportunity for all the manufacturers to meet the local and international customers in one location. KYB Conmat is an associate sponsor for EXCON 2017 and we have great expectations from the show. I believe this edition of EXCON will bring in more customer footfalls than the earlier edition, because the market sentiment is upbeat. This edition is at the time where we are enjoying good growth as an industry. It is not only a great platform for many international firms to announce their arrival in India, but also gives them a platform for new product launches. Therefore, we are quite upbeat about EXCON 2017.

Are you going to launch any new product?
KYB-Conmat would launch 3 new products namely Side Discharge Conveyor, 1-tonne Rack & Pinion Elevator, and Paving Concrete Machine for city roads at the expo.

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