Jyotitech brings solar power to homes

Jyotitech Solar wants to capitalise on the emerging trends in rooftop solar business by providing complete rooftop solutions in 5 KW to 1,000 KW space for residential, commercial spaces and industries.

Shailesh Patni, Head – Sales and Marketing, Jyotitech Solar LLP

Solar sector in India is all set for a leap. What role Jyotitech plans to play in this sector?

There is going to be a tremendous growth in solar PV sector in all the business verticals which have very high demand of electricity and want to achieve reduction in their electricity bills. Jyotitech Solar wants to play a critical role in PV industry by manufacturing solar PV modules and supplying these modules to system integrators and EPC players. Jyotitech Solar foresees a tremendous growth to its manufacturing business due to its quality, competitive pricing, and satisfied customer base.

What sort of capacity addition plans you have?

Jyotitech Solar is having 30 MW per annum capacity with state-of-the-art module manufacturing facility at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra which will be expanded to 100 MW in the times to come to cater to the demand of our customers. We would like to increase our presence in Western States as well as North-East States in India.

We are currently exporting solar panels in European countries and are in the process of tapping Middle East, South East Asian markets for exports.

How do you see the potential in rooftop solar?

The demand for solar PV module installed power generation has increased exponentially with the Govt’s objective of achieving 100 GW by 2022. To achieve this, many initiatives have been taken by MNRE and by State and Central governments for the targeted 40 GW rooftop market space.

Jyotitech Solar sees immense potential for further growth in solar PV on-grid and off-grid installations mainly because of reduction in prices, solar grid parity and demand to have 24x7x365 days electric power to cater to 1.35 billon population and infrastructure required to be built in future for providing better lifestyle to our people.

Under CSR programmes, many PSUs and corporates are taking initiative to install distributed solar PV rooftops on their buildings to take care of impacts on environmental and climate changes.

Are you planning to expand your rooftop solar business?

Jyotitech Solar wants to capitalise on the emerging trends in rooftop solar business by providing complete rooftop solutions in 5 KW to 1,000 KW space for residential, commercial spaces and industries. Also, we would like to expand our partner network in every district on PAN India basis to leverage the business growth in solar PV rooftops.

Could you discuss the role of solar power in making sustainable structures?

The power generation in India is mostly by using fossil fuels like coal, gas and diesel which are depleting fast. The prices of these natural resources are going to increase day by day resulting in increase of per unit cost of electricity. We need to adopt an alternate energy generation mechanism which will last longer over a period.

The solar PV power is the solution to this problem as Sun light is freely and abundantly available in most parts of the globe. The solar PV power generation is sustainable because the cost of solar PV modules and BoS has come down. The levelised cost of electricity (LCOE), also known as levelised energy cost (LEC), is low. Solar PV plants are easy and faster to roll out and maintenance cost is less. Lifetime of solar PV plants is of 30 years.

Distributed solar rooftops reduces transmission and distribution cost and losses. Also, today funds for solar PV plant project is easily available from various investors and banks. The solar PV power is sustainable – reduces carbon footprint, do not generate greenhouse gases and reduces global warming phenomenon.

What’s your most promising solution or technology for the futuristic buildings?

We are designing and developing glass-glass PV modules called Building Integrated Photovoltaic Modules (BIPV). These glass modules are integrated with building structure fixed on south facade of building replacing conventional glasses with power generating glass modules without compromising on aesthetics of building.

Jyotitech Solar has solar PV modules which are installed on the roof of futuristic building to generate clean and green energy.

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