Somany brings intelligence in sanitaryware


Smart homes concept has a sustained demand in metros and we see in comings years the same to percolate down to ‘Smart Cities’ to ensure further adoption of sustainable development and efficient energy management

Abhishek Somany, MD, Somany Ceramics Limited

The rapid economic development and urbanisation has led to an enormous demand for construction which in turn puts pressure on availability of resources. Therefore, the need of the hour is to look at alternative solutions for sustainability in construction practices across the globe.

Over past couple of years the construction industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds.

Despite obstacles, construction companies are demonstrating commitment to sustainability and there has been greater emphasis on recycling materials, reducing waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also participating in green certification schemes.

“Smart homes concept has a sustained demand in metros and we see in comings years the same to percolate down to ‘Smart Cities’ to ensure further adoption of sustainable development and efficient energy management,” says Abhishek Somany, MD, Somany Ceramics Limited.

Role of technology in making sustainable structures

With today’s fast paced urban lifestyles, construction is no longer only about functionality. Technological progress has introduced many advancements which has led to a difference between new and old construction methods. This advancement in technology have led to sustainable innovations like solar power, water saving practices like water efficient faucets, WCs, showers, rain water harvesting, etc., cool roofs, green insulation, amongst others.

Based on principles and procedures similar to those used in graphic art work, Somany Digital Concept is a state-of-the-art digital printing system for ceramic surfaces. And basis this concept, introduced the Somany Digital Tiles, which provides greater definition, richer colors and almost inimitable designs.

Digital printing technology which was introduced a few years back has been resulting into higher definition and clarity of the products besides helping reduce wastage of resources and manpower costs. It also helps to create designs which are not just stylish but also eco-friendly. Somany Ceramics recently launched Duragres Planks a range of faux wood tiles. The biggest advantage of these faux wood tiles over real wood planks is the ease of installation along with durability, resistance against natural wear and tear and vulnerability against chemicals. In addition to being extremely durable these tiles also provide customers with an environment conscious alternative to real wood.

Somany’s technology for the future

Somany informs, “We are working relentlessly to enhance the longevity and quality to make our products eco-friendly and efficient. The locations of the company are certified for requirements under ISO 14001 (Environmental System) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety System). We have also incorporated the use of thermal waste energy in different process like pre-heating of combustion air and using pre-dryers for pre-drying the tiles.”

He adds, “We introduced the revolutionary patented VC Shield Hard Coat technology in 2007, which not only renders a specially treated coating that protects each tile against abrasion, scratches, but also ensures a lifetime of beautiful and flawless floors. The VC tiles are ideal for use in high traffic areas and can take up to 50,000 revolutions which make it practically abrasion proof and the most durable tile to exist in the Indian market.”

Seeing a gap in the sanitaryware market for an easy-to-use, on-trend tile, Somany Ceramics worked with its R&D department and in-house designers to manufacture Slip Shield tiles. These tiles come with a unique coating which keeps the co-efficient of friction high even when the surface is wet and soapy. This not only pre-empts any possibility of slipping, but the cooing also allows for limitless design possibilities. Somany Slip Shield tiles have been independently tested and certified by the Ceramic Research Company, Malaysia, which the foremost independent institution in the world for scientific research in of ceramic products.

“In end of 2016, we also introduced Somany’s first intelligent WC – Ace from the French Collection, which is not just water efficient but also energy efficient,” he adds.

Products and innovations like these are laying down the path for a sustainable transformation of the construction industry.

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