Protect your abode from insect

Window magic India has launched Insect Screen windows for home to protect customers from flies & insects. The insect screen is a simple way to add protection while still allowing enjoying fresh, natural ventilation. This is a type of screen which protects you from coming flies, insects and various types of bee’s in your home and also protects you from various diseases and flew’s which come and disinfect home.

Manish Bansal, Director Window Magic India said, “We understand that every home is different and, as such, it is of paramount importance that Insect Screen is tailor made to protect your homes from being disinfected. The screens stand even in the most brutal outdoor environments while retaining an unmatched level of craftsmanship, detail and beauty”.

There are different types of Insect screens which include:
• Pull Down Mesh
• Pleated Mesh
• ZigZag Mesh

Pull Down Mesh has three categories broadly Lat Double, Lat Single and Vert Spring, windows which can endure reasonable wind pressure and has wide tolerance for width and height. It allows very good ventilation; good light and takes least space on the sides while stacked. The flat fibre glass mesh results in giving a feeling of no mesh present between outdoor and indoor.

Pleated Mesh has pilsse double which is a new age and magical plisse double system is the most technically advanced system in the world. The system was developed by Japanese and has been perfected by Germans.

ZigZag Mesh is from Green-Web Germany which can take high wind pressure. The retractable system with wider openings options allows maximum visibility & fresh air. These fly screens are Ideal for tilt & turn windows, casement windows & doors, and also for large opening bi-fold doors.

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