Camfil launches CC6000 air cleaner for a dust-free work environment

Camfil has announced the launch of CC6000 – an innovative, energy -efficient and cost-effective air cleaner for the Indian market.

Catering to large indoor premises of upto 10,000 sq feet per unit, CC 6000 air cleaner is one stop solution for dusty environments and large indoor premises such as pharmaceutical facilities, food factories, heavy industry, paper mills, welding workshops, timber facilities, warehouses, offices and supermarkets etc. It is well equipped to perform efficiently and offers an unmatched solution even for specialist applications such as upgrading of clean room environments and other classified assembly environments. With flexible installation options for both mobile and stationary needs, the unit can also be ceiling mounted.

PKSV Sagar, Managing Director, Camfil India, said, “We all are aware of deteriorating outdoor air quality of majority of Indian cities, but rarely do we find the focus on the levels of indoor air quality especially across workspaces. Occupational exposure to airborne concentrations of specks of dust, vapours, fumes, and gases constantly impact the health and productivity of employees. With CC6000, we aim to address this fall with a unique and efficient clean air solution that will ensure the employee experience the fresh breath of air across workspaces no matter, big and small.

We are extremely happy to announce CC6000 air cleaner in India with absolute HEPA and ISO16890 certified filters. The cleaner is being used with excellent results globally, and we aim to bring Camfil’s state in art technology and similar standards and quality to India.” he added.

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