VitrA: breathe inspiration into bathroom designs

VitrA envisions bathrooms as the embodiment of flawless design- a living space with refined aesthetics, inspiring design, complementary and compact furniture and fixtures that will deliver a graceful ambience. The in-house design studio collaborates with an array of industrial designers to introduce original yet complementary theme-based designs, where every element from washbasins and toilets to bath and cabinets, flow together.

VitrA has garnered awards like the Red Dot Design Award,Wallpaper Design Award, Elle Décor International Design Award, among others.

Innovative technology from VitrA
With a focus on hygiene, the company uses user-friendly cleaning solutions. Its Auto Clean washbasin offers auto-clean function making cleaning fast and easy and contributing to bathroom hygiene. Beneath the washbasin is a 1-litre VitrA fresh detergent dispenser while 5-10 ml of detergent are dispensed from the concealed detergent tank and flush the sink automatically to clean the wash basin. The concealed water outlet in the AutoClean washbasin prevents dirt build-up and ensures superb hygiene. The water diverter and internal channel in the washbasin guarantee maximum hygiene. The customer may choose between a manual control button and a photo-cell controlled sensor. Each flushing to the washbasin releases a pleasant and refreshing scent in the bathroom.

The ultra-innovative VitrA Fresh system and Rimless WCs available in the Metropole, Nest and D-light series offers a smart “autoclean” function, making cleaning the WC fast, easy and non-messy, enabling superior bathroom hygiene. A liquid cleaner tank on top of the WC pan mixes the right amount of detergent into the flushing water, ensuring a fragrant bathroom. The tank has a removable lid and a stop-valve mixes hot and cold. “Rim-ex” WC pan prevents the proliferation of harmful organisms and is an easy-to-clean surface with just one wipe which is 95 per cent more hygienic. One gets maximum hygiene as there is no rim or hole for dirt and harmful organisms to collect.

The company’s thrust on advanced hygiene technologies is evident with its toilet seats with built-in bidets, programmable thermostats that enable setting preferences for temperature, timing, water pressure and more. VitrA’s V-care, designed by German Design Studio, NOA is a remote-controlled VitrA innovation that offers the ultimate experience for personal hygiene and comfort with its “self-cleaning bidet”,“self-cleaning bidet nozzle” and remote-controlled seat. Programmable water temperature and washing options, air drying and odour absorption features, are among VitrA’s “futuristic” elements with an aesthetic and classy look as well as easily-accessed and superior hygiene.

Serhan Ates Yagiz,
India Country Manager, VitrA

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