Energy efficiency driving tech innovation in HVAC

Companies like Hitachi working on cutting-edge technology in room AC, VRF, PAC, chiller, among other product categories.

As the fight against climate change gains urgency, governments across the world are tightening regulations pertaining to safety of environment and energy efficiency for all kinds of equipment and appliances to check emissions. It is not surprising, then, that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry is constantly being nudged by regulators to move up on the energy efficiency performance rating without being detrimental to the environment.

Innovative, energy-efficient and eco-friendly
According to Partha Sen, Head- Marketing, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd, HVAC systems consume a lot of electricity and energy savings would be quite substantial if the right technology is used. For instance, airports are big energy guzzlers. He adds, “A large airport could rival a city of 1 lakh population in energy consumption, with HVAC systems accounting for half of the airport’s energy consumption, according to a report prepared at the behest of the European Commission. This can be reduced significantly if HVAC system is designed in such a way that it adjusts temperature according to requirement and electricity wastage is avoided.”

Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd is continuously working on developing products and technologies that are innovative, energy-efficient, eco-friendly and fulfill the needs of its consumers. Backed by Japanese expertise and over 30 years of industry leadership in India, Hitachi is constantly working on new cutting-edge technology in its product categories which comprise of room AC, VRF, PAC, chiller and space maker.

VRFs: future of modern HVAC industry
Sen says, “While all of our product segments are our focus, we understand that with the changing industry trends, soaring temperatures and shortage of electricity, energy saving has become a key feature that customers seek today. This is why inverter technology-backed RAC and energy efficient and eco-friendly VRFs are the future of modern HVAC industry.”

VRF is the highest growing category globally and in India, it has good growth opportunity in both commercial and residential segments. It addresses the needs of architects and HVAC consultants for a smart, reliable, energy efficient and space saving air conditioning and to address this, Hitachi has developed a wide range of VRF air-conditioning system (up to 54HP). Sen adds, “We have three series in our VRFs category- Set Free- Sigma Series and Set Free Kyosho Series (top flow and front flow series). With our three series, we offer higher energy efficiency, engineered aesthetics, enhanced strengths, compact design, compact cooling and heating.”

In light commercial ACs, the company has ToushiDuctable Air Conditioners, Flexi Split ACs and 8 new models of Cassette ACs. For larger commercial cooling needs, Hitachi offers screw (air and water cooled) chillers and direct drive centrifugal chillers. The company offers some of the most energy-efficient models with eco-friendly refrigerant in India.

Besides this, Hitachi’s manufacturing plant in Kadi, Gujarat aims to be a 100 per cent green factory and to do so, and many initiatives have been taken. With such initiatives and more, the company endeavours to be socially responsible with innovation at its core.

We offer higher energy efficiency, engineered aesthetics, enhanced strengths, compact design, compact cooling and heating.
Partha Sen, Head- Marketing, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd

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