Say goodbye to power cut woes with Halonix

Halonix Technologies Pvt Ltd has unveiled its flagship brand ‘Halonix Prime’ which promises to deliver hi-tech products which will solve real issues that consumers face at affordable price points. Under the umbrella of the new Sub-brand, Halonix has launched a revolutionary Inverter LED Light with up to 4 hours backup.

Simultaneously with the launch of this product, Halonix has kick-started a unique campaign “Power Gone but Halonix still on”- apt for across India marred by frequent power cuts.

Halonix Prime Inverter LED Light is best-in-class by far in terms of its wattage (9 watts), Lumens (900 lumens), Power-back up (up to 4 hours), battery size (2600 Mah), and battery cycle life (500 times). When the main supply is cut-off, the inverter LED Light continues to glow though at a lower lumen level and continues to light up the room. Moreover, this product is made in India at the state-of-the-art Halonix factory at Haridwar.

While unveiling the revolutionary Halonix Prime Inverter LED Light, Rakesh Zutshi, Managing Director, Halonix Technologies Pvt Ltd said, “Especially made for India, the Halonix Prime Inverter LED light completely eliminates the threat of recurring power outages most common in tier-II-III cities and villages across the country. Halonix aims to offer best-in-class value added products at affordable prices that will impact the lives of millions of Indians across the country.”

Major USPs of Halonix Prime Inverter LED light
• Power back-up upto four hours
• Battery capacity: 2600 mAH
• Longer cycle life of Battery: 500 times
• Surge: 3.25 KV
• Back-up time- four hours
• High voltage: 420v
• AC lumens: 900.

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