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Road of the Future

Featuring some of the advanced technologies for building the futuristic roads Making the road ‘smart’ Roads that actually make a difference to the world. There are two aspects to smart roads first is road construction – development of materials that will increase road life and second is the use of smart roads. Since last few

6 advanced materials for future buildings

A special report on advanced materials for future buildings Construction chemical plays a major role in the construction industry and it has changed the way the construction is done today. Due to various requirements in construction industry there are many advanced construction chemicals are used during the construction like additives, concrete chemicals, composite materials etc

The business of Smart Cities

Smart cities are luring India Inc to create and deliver smart solutions where a government investment of over Rs 1.45 lakh crore is already estimated. Smart city is one of the key initiatives announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, under which the government is aiming to transform the urban landscape of the country

How green buildings benefit owners and occupants?

Discussion on how green building benefit owners and occupants As we know green buildings are widely adopted globally, with well-built growth expected in most countries and most predominantly in under developing ones. The movement benefits a range of businesses including building owners and occupants, property developers and managers, investors, and suppliers to the construction industry.


6 breakthrough innovations that will change the future of construction industry Technology is transforming the construction industry like never before. With the aim of addressing major problems and opening up new opportunities, technologies are being developed at a rapid pace. Here are our picks. The stated technologies have huge potential to transform the construction industry

What makes concrete a sustainable building material?

Analysing how concrete can be a sustainable building material Sustainable building material is an ongoing trend in the construction industry. It not only reduces the costs but it gives another big incentive by reducing the carbon footprint and keeping a clean environment. Concrete is one such building materials that has created its own space in

Pumping innovations into concrete mixing

Featuring the advanced concrete pumping and concrete mixing plant technologies The illustration demonstrates the homogenous mix of planetary mixers. Previously in the construction work cranes were engaged to lift large buckets of concrete to the desired places which was a very time consuming process. Over a period, to reduce this painful and time consuming task,

The Economics of Green Buildings

Exclusive analysis on economic returns to the investments in green buildings The green building construction contributes to both global and building economic benefits. In a study carried out by Booz Allen Hamilton, prepared by U.S Green Building Council, the finding indicates that the green construction spending is expected to grow 15.1 per cent, year over

Mission 100

Confident at achieving the target of building 30 km road per day by March 2016, the Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari wants to build a whopping 100 km roads a day.

Building with Automation

This article will give in-depth analysis on the building automation industry in India and how the technology create its own way to growth.