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Curtain Raiser: ACREX 2018

On achieving massive success in the year 2017, ACREX is geared to bring momentum in the industry once again with the 19th edition which is scheduled from 22nd to 24th of February, 2018 at BIEC, Bangalore. For the couple of years this event has provided platform for the HVAC&R industry to grow, to bring innovations

Construction 2018: A positive market outlook?

An in-depth analysis on present status of Indian construction industry and the road ahead. Positive outlook for excavators From a global perspective, the past five years have been very challenging for all manufacturers of construction equipment. However, given the context, Volvo CE has been relatively pleased with its own performance and particularly pleased with the

Building Tall: The Innovative Way

Featuring some of the most advanced tall building solutions that are on the spot. Faster and safer elevators for tall buildings High-rise buildings are towering achievements that indicate the future of urban living. Every single day, there are millions of people moving around these impressive structures – working, living and visiting. Tenants expect the best

The Green Steel

Analysing why steel is considered a green building material. Steel, an alloy of iron and carbon, is omnipresent in our lives and is at the centre of sustainability in modern society. Steel is one of the most versatile engineering and construction materials in the world. It influences every aspect of our lives, from the produce

Building Big

What technology goes into making a high rise building The uniqueness of a high rise building has always been appealing but in reality it is a very complicated structure. To develop these complicated structures it is very essential to have proper planning, execution, right building materials and most importantly the technologies which play a crucial

Equipped for airport functioning

Analysing how advanced equipment and solutions are facilitating efficient airport construction and operations. The Indian civil aviation sector has been exhibiting exponential growth during the last few years. “Going by the annual growth rate of 22 per cent (provisional) for the year 2016-17, the domestic air traffic, carried by scheduled Indian carriers, could reach about

Elevating passenger experience in airports

Discussing how advanced escalators and moving walkways can elevate status of an airport. Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad airports in India are classic cases of state-of-the-art infrastructure when it comes to the convenience of travellers. Airports use moving walkways to move passengers with heavy luggage, from increasingly long distances between the terminals or to parking and

Enhancing indoor comfort at airports

State-of-the-art HVAC and insulation solutions that can improve indoor comfort at airports Demand of air travel is at an all-time high and is growing at an unprecedented rate. As per the latest Google and BCG report, India’s domestic travel market to be $48 billion by 2020. However, with the increase in traffic, this growth will

Why steel is imperative for airport construction

Analysing why steel is a superior choice for airport construction. Efficient public infrastructure is extremely important for better quality of living which includes the ease of travelling by road, rail, air or water as all determine how we live and work. In every sector steel plays an important but often unnoticed role. Material selection is

Making of airport runways

Discussing the role of advanced technology in making high speed, high quality runways for airport. As airport runways must withstand the huge forces applied by aircraft landing or taking off, the engineering and construction behind them requires a higher level of quality than for regular roadways. Equipment that is used to construct these airport runways