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Merino opens new centre for decorative laminates

After taking the design world by storm all over the country, Merino Group recently launched their exclusive “Merino Experience Centre” in Mumbai recently. It will serve as a one-stop solution for all surface needs, with a grand display of all products of Merino under one roof. To experience the world-class designs and unleash the unique

RAK Ceramics adorns bathrooms with new range

RAK Ceramics is one of the largest ceramics’ brands in the world. Specialising in ceramic and gres porcelain wall and floor tiles, tableware, sanitaryware and faucets, the company have the capacity to produce 113 million sq.m of tiles, 5 million pieces of sanitaryware, 24 million pieces of porcelain tableware and 1 million pieces of faucets

ALCHYMI launches new contemporary, modern bathroom suites

Contemporary, modern and quintessentially Manish Malhotra, ALCHYMI bathrooms have been designed to inspire people to find beauty, sophistication and elegance in life. With a seamless combination of revolutionary form, bold contours, varied colour palettes and never seen before textures, each bathroom suite from ALCHYMI is an inspiration in itself that hits the sweet spot of

Duravit SensoWash Slim: shower functions for refreshing sanitation

The SensoWash shower-toilet line stands for the most natural form of hygiene possible: refreshing cleansing with water. With SensoWash Slim, Duravit has now added a new minimalist variant that uses technology intelligently. Thanks to its balanced proportions and particularly flat shower-toilet seat, SensoWash Slim looks like a classic toilet, allowing it to satisfy the desire

Somany Ceramics announces most affordable Smart WC–Evita The i-Gen Toilet

Somany Ceramics introduces technologically integrated Evita i-Gen toilet. With this launch, Somany Ceramics will offer top of the line smart sanitaryware solution at a reasonable price for the discerning Indian consumers. As the Indian consumers are steadily becoming well-travelled and aware, the demand of smart toilets has been on the rise in the country. With

Decorative glass: sustainability meets design goals

Focus on product development, innovation and technology will help keep up with rising demand for glass. The use of decorative glass in building fenestration is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and product demands change. With new trends each season, architects and designers are always seeking new and creative ways to incorporate decorative glass into

Tiles: beyond visual appeal

Functionality, durability, ambiance-friendliness, are key criteria for selecting the right tiles besides aesthetics. High-rise buildings have given new direction to architectural, constructional and material technology development. Making a building stand out amidst the concrete clutter has become challenging. Today, a building has to be sustainable, energy-efficient, and each architectural design must offer some benefit. Tiles

K-Lite LED series: illuminating contemporary architecture

K-Lite Industries – an ISO company manufacturing indoor and outdoor luminaires – has launched a new series of LED architectural lighting. Being the trend setter in outdoor lighting and inspired by the “Make in India” vision, K-LITE, through its innovative outlook, has showcased an all-new product portfolio under architectural lighting. The application includes facade lighting,

Say goodbye to power cut woes with Halonix

Halonix Technologies Pvt Ltd has unveiled its flagship brand ‘Halonix Prime’ which promises to deliver hi-tech products which will solve real issues that consumers face at affordable price points. Under the umbrella of the new Sub-brand, Halonix has launched a revolutionary Inverter LED Light with up to 4 hours backup. Simultaneously with the launch of

Lighting solutions for modern rail

Smart lighting solutions for metro stations cater to real-time updates on lighting system and operations. The various facilities at metro railway stations entail meeting especially demanding criteria of security, safety, communication, HVAC and energy. Connected lighting systems enable fault detection and pave way for proactive and quicker system maintenance of the in-station and metro premises