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70 lakh jobs in project management likely

India to be the fastest growing market for project managers: Global PMI Study The project management profession will outperform total global job growth over the next decade, creating millions of new positions in India that pay highly-competitive wages, predicts a new Anderson Economic Group (AEG) analysis commissioned by the Project Management Institute (PMI). According to

India’s first longest white topped road gets Recron Reinforcement

This article explains benefits of Recron3s fibre-reinforced concrete pavements with a case study of NICE Road, Bengaluru – India’s longest white-topped road using Recron3S fibres. In a developing country like India, road networks form the arteries of the nation. A pavement is the layered structure on which vehicles travel. It serves two purposes, namely, to

India well poised to consolidate leadership position in green buildings

S Raghupathy, Deputy Director General, CII outlines the spread and growth of IGBC green building movement in India and potential growth opportunities Spearheading the 21st century modern green building movement in India is Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of CII. The council with the support of all the stakeholders was established in the year

Smart cities are creation of smart citizens

Mala Singh, Chairperson & MD, PEC Greening India explains how smart citizens can create smart cities. Smart city for the developing country like India is an engine of growth for the economy. According to census 2011 data nearly 31 per cent of India’s current population lives in urban areas and contributes 63 per cent of

How to select a perfect door or window for your home

Select an uPVC door or window for your home as these are eco-friendly, help in saving energy and are aesthetically designed, suggests Mario Schmidt, Managing Director, Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Pvt Ltd. Windows can talk volumes about your home. Windows are subjected to various weather conditions and have to be strong enough to withstand

Smart green building materials for home owners & projects

Anil Banchhor, Managing Director and CEO, RDC Concrete explains how “smart” green building materials are replacing traditional construction materials. India ranks second as the country with the largest number of green buildings after the US. Most of the Indian projects have demonstrated through their simplicity that green building and sustainability are not complex or high-tech

What is ‘green’ elevator?

Arun Aggarwal, CEO of Apex Elevators explains the major initiatives taken by the industry to make elevators energy efficient and eco-friendly Until a few years ago, the concept of ‘green’ elevator was not at all familiar even among the elevator fraternity. Today, the ‘green’ elevator has become a trend which is taking over design philosophy

Dry Construction

A pioneering global standards in premium home construction T he Indian economy is now in its fourth year of sustained 7 per cent growth – a trend, which is likely to continue over the coming years. The effect on the real estate (RE) sector has been a trailblazing transformation of India’s top metros where RE

PEC Greening India adding sustainability to next-gen Green Industrial Park

Renaissance Indus Infra Pvt Ltd has appointed PEC Greening India as Green & Total Sustainability Consultant for Renaissance – Maharashtra’s 1st Industrial Smart City. Renaissance Industrial Smart City, the first integrated industrial smart city of Maharashtra, appointed PEC Greening India as a Green and Total Sustainability Consultant to incorporate sustainability features in the entire planning

Green Building Trends for 2017

What was essentially thought to be a predominant application for the advance economies, the positive notions of the green building concept, has trickled down to the developing nations as well at a remarkable pace. It is interesting to observe that over the years “Green Building concepts” have not only progressed as a sustainable design approach