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Hitachi grabs Smart Air Conditioners Company of the Year Award

Adding another feather to its wing and cutting above the rest of the industry players, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd was awarded as ‘Indian Smart Air Conditioners Company Of The Year Award 2018’ by Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consulting organisation that recognises and awards companies which show visionary growth, are inspired

Atos, Bentley partner to develop cloud-based digital twin solution

Atos and Bentley Systems announced a strategic partnership through which they will offer a complete solution to create and operate digital twins on behalf of industry and infrastructure asset owners. Atos’ global experience and expertise in digital transformation together with Bentley’s infrastructure, engineering, reality modelling and asset performance software portfolio will enable businesses to take

Open cell ceiling essential for high traffic areas

Open cell ceiling system provides scalability of sizeable areas while maintaining the mystique of its design. The most intriguing feature about the open cell design is its ability to blend with other architectural designing. Recommended for public spaces such as airports, shopping centres, leisure facilities and commercial offices, open cell ceiling design facilitates easy airflow

Energy-efficient lighting: path to sustainability

From conventional lighting to LED, lighting industry has undergone significant evolution. The lighting market in India has evolved rapidly witnessing a tectonic shift in technology from electrical to electronics. The transition is driven by an array of government initiatives for energy conservation, rising consumer awareness about energy-efficient products, and innovative products that are in sync

uPVC: for a safer ecosystem

Right installation, checking crevices for leakage, cracks in glass, among other steps help ensure durability. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) windows and doors are eco-friendly and causing little or no harm to the surrounding. In India, climatic conditions keep varying from place to place which makes it hard to keep indoor temperature normal. In a situation

Graebert trinity: key for digitalising organisations

Digitalisation is fast changing the world, thus organisations need to become digital. Hence, Graebert offers the solution for digitalising organisations. In this wave of digitalisation disruptive innovation, designers need to drive digitalisation from ‘idea’ to all the way to customers; Graebert trinity can help to achieve this. Graebert has taken a new leap by introducing

A step towards smarter operations

With increased emphasis on making buildings greener, industry players are now investing heavily on technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), integrated building management and control system for making smart buildings smarter. There isn’t any one specific element that makes operations smoother, but a set of elements that need to be in place. Safety According to

Demand for smart elevators on an upswing

High speed, special ride comfort and safety, among other essentials, are key for devising smart elevators. In metropolitan cities, buildings continue to grow taller, making it challenging to design and install elevators. With increasing heights of buildings, elevator speed is of the essence to reduce waiting time outside elevators of high-rise buildings and these calls

Move towards changing architecture

Solar index of site location, architectural orientation, among key factors to be planned for ensuring maximum exposure for panels towards the south. Rooftop photovoltaic solar power (RTPV) systems have been around for over a decade in India. Initially, RTPV were only operated with the help of a battery, but over the last decade, there has

Beyond aesthetics: steel solutions for green buildings

Factors like recyclability, high- grade steel structures have led to wide acceptability of steel in areas ranging from industrial applications, to retail to infrastructure. Green building began as a movement back in the 1960’s over a growing concern over the energy crisis and pollution that was developing in the US and abroad. Although the green