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Bridging with formwork

Analysis on how formwork innovation helps in bridge construction India has developed marvellous bridges over the years and another magnificent piece of art is on its way that is Chenab Bridge which is being built in Jammu and Kashmir which is expected to be taller than Eiffel Tower. There will be many more to come

KYB-Conmat unveils Gang Needle Vibrators

As concrete roads are gaining popularity and increased emphasis from the government, it is becoming necessary to use gang needle vibrators, especially when the thickness of the plain cement concrete used lies between 200 mm to 400 mm. KYB-Conmat manufactures world-class fix form concrete road paver finishers, which are fully equipped to deliver, as per

Mahindra plans revival of road making product range

You would soon hear from us about our range of category creating products suitable for our market laced with the most modern technology offering exactly what our customer requires. Current road making machineries are dominated by imports and foreign manufacturer where the products are being made keeping in mind the needs of the developed worlds.

Wirtgen’s road making machines: A generation ahead

Most of our products are from the new generation and in most cases, the Wirtgen Group products are atleast a generation ahead of competition. The Wirtgen Group has been consistently trying to develop products which offer better efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and that help in sustainable development and less carbon emissions. Ramesh Palagiri,

Kobelco’s Generation 10 Series with higher productivity

Road construction has been the key driver of the Indian economy due to its vital position in the infrastructure development activity. Due to the huge volume of work to be executed in a limited time-frame, there is an increasing demand for utilising various types of specialized machines. Kobelco is a global major in the manufacturing

CASE comes up with new road machines

We offer the most advanced technological products which are suited to the basic Indian requirements of high fuel efficiency and productivity. The construction equipment industry has been investing heavily in technology adaptation and providing state-of-the-art machinery, considering the recent technological advancements in the use of construction equipment. CASE construction is known for its world-class products

National Steel Policy bets on higher infra spending

To achieve expected demand of 230 mt in 2030-31, steel demand will need to grow at a CAGR of around 7-7.5 per cent during the period against a CAGR of 3.5 per cent-4 per cent over the last 5 years. The National Steel Policy 2017 announced by the steel ministry is betting on higher spending

Smart Sports Infra For Smart Cities

Why Smart Sports facilities? Traditionally, sports infrastructure is visualised to be a large facility needing hundreds of crores in investment. This is a flawed approach. Not only do these end up as white elephants, the utilisation is also minimal due to location constraints, bulk of investment going into gallery construction and other facilities that have

Making cities smart with PEB

How PEB can make cities smart? Smart cities idea is one of the government’s initiative to provide much better and quality life to the people by providing the entire infrastructure required in any human being’s life. All these infrastructure needs can be fulfilled with the help of PEB which has immense potential to grow besides

Mahindra CE’s personalised machine with new age digital cluster

With launch of new telematics system, DigiSense by Mahindra group, equipment from Mahindra Construction Equipment would soon be loaded with advanced technology to track performance on real-time. The company is also carrying out various technological enhancements through improvisations in few key aggregates to enhance fuel efficiency and increase the productivity of machines thus helping them