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Elevator technologies must for creating sustainable smart cities

Wolfgang Marzin, CEO, Messe Frankfurt GmbH Elevator technologies are key in ensuring sustainability in smart cities of the future. India is the second largest elevator market with expected growth of 16 per cent CAGR. How do you see this market growing? India is one of the biggest markets in the world. It is a market

IGBC: Committed to Green, Healthier India

IGBC has facilitated over 4.79 billion sq ft of registered green building footprint, thereby enabling India to have world’s second largest registered green building footprint. It also estimates the market potential for green materials & technologies to grow by $ 300 billion by 2025. Dr Prem C Jain, Chairman, Indian Green Building Council As per

Use of renewable energy: Way to energy efficient buildings

An efficient building is one which conserves energy, reduces unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and demand for non-renewable resources. Mala Singh, CMD,PEC Greening India The policy making authorities have recognised that demand side actions such as energy conservation and energy efficiency are imperative for India’s energy policy. Implementing a comprehensive approach in the direction

“Price will play a smaller role in decision making”

Going forward, it is essential for the industry to come and work together to create a fairer marketplace where products are evaluated in honesty on basis of their technological advancement. Anandita Kakkar, Deputy General Manager, Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. The Indian construction chemical market is projected to reach $1,890 million by 2020. What opportunities

HIL redefining building materials industry

With Charminar Fortune, we are offering an alternate option to the customers for durable roofing solution, superior to metal sheets in every manner. Dhirup Roy Choudhary, Managing Director and CEO, HIL Limited HIL Limited, a CK Birla Group company, was established in 1946 and is one of the oldest building material companies in India. Today,

It takes an intention to build sustainable: Ar. Prem Nath

Most of the projects, today, aspire to be green, only to achieve green rating certificates, while there are developments which achieve ‘green’ and are then awarded green ratings & special citations. Ar. Prem Nath,Prem Nath and Associates Sustainable construction for today’s needs “Sustainable Construction, today, is an inevitable fact of life,” says Ar. Prem Nath

“Sustainability should be perceived as duty”

Sustainability, in my opinion, should be perceived as a duty of every citizen to adopt such norms for the sake of preservation of our resources for the next generation. Amol Prabhu, Partner,Shashi Prabhu & Associates (SPA) The most significant sustainable building SPA has built is the administrative building constructed over 8,700 sq. m. for IRICEN

Understanding Sustainable Construction: Ar. Narasimhan

Sustainability should embrace the interplay of environmental performance, social responsibility and economic accountability. Ar. Naresh V Narasimhan, Head, Venkataramanan Associates Sustainable construction’ for today’s needs “Sustainability is one of the world’s most talked about, but least understood word. Its meaning is often clouded by differing interpretations,” says Ar. Naresh V Narasimhan, Head, Venkataramanan Associates. “There

Creating an ‘optimised’ structure

The most sustainable strategy is not to build at all. The second best solution is to build less i.e. to create the most efficient design which optimises the structure to be built around it. Manit Rastogi, Founder Partner, Morphogenesis Sustainable construction for today’s needs “Much of the present urban development continues to be ecologically unviable,

Sustainable construction associated with energy efficiency: Ar. Anchuri

In the context of building design, sustainability seeks to diminish the negative environmental impact of buildings. Ar. S.P. Anchuri, Chief Consultant, Anchuri & Anchuri ‘Sustainable construction’ for today’s needs “Sustainability is today’s expression. It has the supernatural of attracting everybody’s attention,” says Ar. Er. S. P. Anchuri, Chief Consultant, Anchuri and Anchuri. Explaining it with