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Mondeal Heights: An Architectural Icon

Blocher Partners India, the architects and interior designers behind the highly praised Mondeal Square complex, built a further landmark in Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Mondeal Heights, a multifunctional high-end ensemble for business and leisure on 65,000 square metres. A project that integrates itself perfectly within the city scape. Road users and passers-by sense everyday what already is

Urbana: Changing Skyline of Kolkata

Urbana, a landmark of superior lifestyle, truly is an amalgamation of contemporary world-class living in the heart of the ‘city of joy’. Urbana, towering over Eastern Metropolitan By-pass, in progress since 2010, is the first futuristic luxury community in the city that transformed Kolkata’s skyline. A vision of six stalwarts of the real estate industry:

A whole new ball game!

In Ahmedabad, TransStadia is building an urban world-class sports arena which is all set to transform the concept of developing sports infrastructure in India. In an interaction with Subhajit Roy, TransStadia’s MD and Founder Udit Sheth, takes us through the fine details of this humungous project. In January 2009, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat

Creating landmark in the sky

‘Deya’ which means cloud in Bengali, has been airlifted to 400 feet and suspended between the two towers of Forum Atmosphere in Kolkata

Infosys on a Green drive

The exponential increase in human population and rising energy demands have put great pressure on our limited natural resources. Although many countries are dependent on fossil fuel imports to meet their soaring energy needs, about 1.8 billion people in the world still lack access to electricity.

Sanskar Kendra: Revitalising Le Corbusier’s legacy

The project emphasises reliving the same old legacy, but, in accordance to the existing urban, functional, socio-economic context, current scenario of the city and the surroundings of the site

Smart sustainable airport designs

India as a country is passing through a transition and there has been a lot of infrastructure growth to be visualised as a phase of evolution from developing into a developed nation.

Mumbai Metro gets on track

Eight years after the work commenced, the Mumbai Metro finally made its first run. After a three-year delay and huge cost over-runs, Mumbai, the financial capital of India, has finally got one more mode of transportation to reduce the burden on the stressed suburban railway system.

China plans a 13000 km rail line to America

Over the years, China has created a benchmark in infrastructure development. Successful execution of high-speed rail line around the country has strengthen the country’s transport network and provided a comparatively easy option instead of a lengthy chore to the commuters.

Kolkata Airport Making of integrated passenger terminal building

The integrated passenger terminal at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International (NSCBI) Airport was executed on an EPC basis by a special purpose vehicle formed between ITD Cementation India (ITD Cem) and its parent Italian-Thai Development Public Co. Ltd., Thailand (ITD).