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Bentley advances Reality Modeling

New ContextCapture and ProjectWiseContextShare technologies comprehensively deliver fidelity, accessibility, scalability, and shareability Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a leading global provider of comprehensive software solutions for advancing infrastructure, demonstrated at SPAR 3D Expo & Conference (SPAR) new ContextCapture offerings for reality modeling that increase joint opportunities in surveying and engineering. ContextCapture capabilities now include cloud processing services,

Honeywell rolls out outcome-based connected buildings management services

Honeywell introduced a new cloud-enabled building management service that prioritises the most impactful maintenance activities to optimise building performance. Combining advanced automation and data analytics, Outcome Based Service enables Honeywell service engineers to watch building assets around the clock, identifying anomalies faster than traditional maintenance, saving them time and money. Without close monitoring, energy consumption

Building with BIM

The industry is moving towards greater sophistication in design and engineering information management, better efficiencies in construction and lower reliance on manual labour on site. Hugely transformative technological tools are bringing in systemic shifts in all aspects of design and construction. Data analytics linked to computational design tools allow for intelligent, informed design with much

Visualising made easy with 3D Printing

3D Printing has really helped a lot of fields – in construction industry; it not only helps architects to quickly build 3D Models to enable easy visualisation. Ar. Prem Nath of Prem Nath & Associates believes that the technology in last one decade has transformed every industry and every persons’ life – construction industry too

Digitising lifestyle with 3D Tile Visualiser

3D Tile Visualiser enables the user to visualise, through virtual reality, how certain products will look in his or her space prior to a purchase. Enhancing lifestyle Urban consumers are no longer interested in mere functional bathroom. Today they are looking for bathrooms that have contemporary designs and aesthetics and at the same time are

Beautifying structures with marbles

KalingaStone which is made from natural marble aggregates is a preferred choice for its green qualities. Technology has played a vital role in the evolution of stone products used for various applications such as flooring, cladding, and façades among others in the construction industry. It is due to the recent advancements in the technology that

Technology, the greatest enabler: Hiranandani

From a global perspective, there have been breakthroughs in 2016, but these will take some time before we see them being exhibited in India. Technology is having a positive impact on construction by reducing the time taken to finish a project, as also by ensuring consistent quality levels through the entire project believes Niranjan Hiranandani,

Making construction economical with formwork

The formwork turns out to be economical if large numbers of reuses are made in construction. From cutting-edge building technologies to innovative construction methods and better decision-making systems, projects are getting smarter. Given the rapid development of emerging construction opportunities, owners should demand faster projects, lower costs and better buildings. Sharing about technology that is

The 2D to 3D Shift

Within a short span of time the industry has noticed various innovations in terms of technology, a major shift seen from 2D to 3D detailing of PEB buildings. PEBs have hit the construction market in a major way and the key factors that act as the catalyst in the remarkable growth of the industry are

Smart safety accessories at work place is essential

Smart wearable sensors are being used to track workers, which is also having a positive impact in the construction industry, especially in terms of workplace safety. Technology is helping a lot to construction industry to improve their processes and productivity. This industry is regarded as one of the most information-intensive industries as a lot of