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Will my project benefit from control flow concrete?

A new type of highly flowable concrete bridges the gap between conventional and self-consolidating concrete. Conventional concrete has been used as a building material since 1824. It works just fine for many building projects since it’s easy to produce and to deliver to the jobsite. However, it’s not exactly an easy material to work with.

WorldBuild India brings building and construction industry under one roof

The 2nd edition of India’s premier exhibition on construction and infrastructure industry – WorldBuild India, concluded on a high note. Held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, on April 19th-21st, the state-of-the-art expo brought together some of the finest global brands, government bodies, engineers, construction companies, developers, architects, and designers, under one platform to display Building

Smart technologies that will drive smart cities

A report on some of the innovative technologies that will be integral to country’s future-ready smart cities India is in midst of rapid urbanisation. The country is experiencing stable growth in the areas of manufacturing, commercial industrialisation together with accelerating growth of IT and technology. With the rapid development of the country, urban areas are

Can elevators be energy-efficient?

An exclusive report on innovation in the field of elevators towards achieving greater energy efficiency. Earlier, energy efficiency was not a term associated with elevators, but with the rapid urbanisation in the country and development of smart cities and new infrastructure projects, there is a need for taller buildings with even more efficient and innovative

Great Fenestration Solutions for ACE

A report on most advanced fenestration solutions for Architects, Contractors and Engineers. Windows and doors are the core products connecting the exterior with interior of a home or an office, currently when there is a trending high-rise with growing urban population there is a need for the architects engineers, and contractors to choose doors and

Printing on the skyline

What are the future benefits of 3D printing in high-rise construction? Technologies have upgraded construction industry to a better level. Nowadays 3D Printing is one such technology which is helping construction industry to make work easier and cost effective. No only this but it also gives freedom to the architects to design and share the

5 Construction Tech Trends

Top technology trends that are transforming the construction industry. With India growing at 7 per cent per annum and the government initiative of ‘Housing For All’, the sector is definitely the poster boy of the government’s growth agenda wherein the recent digital push will fuel the further growth and RERA rules will ensure that the

Building Green with Aluminium

Explaining the green features of aluminium. Aluminium is lightweight, strong and recyclable, which can also help lower energy cost and carbon emission in building and construction. Properly coated aluminium roofs can help improve building energy efficiency. There are many green properties of aluminium. In this article we present what the green features of aluminium and

HVAC Industry: Green Trends

The HVAC industry is witnessing increasing penetration in the wake of rapid urbanisation that is leading to a boom in the construction of high rise buildings in both residential and commercial segment. This article will describe on the HVAC trends which are impacting the green building industry. Improving IAQ As green buildings become more the

Securing the airport terminal

Globally, fence mounted vibration sensor based Perimeter Intrusion Detection System has been proven as ideal solution for effective perimeter security at airports. The complex security environment has become a matter of concern for aviation industry in India. The Indian sub-continent is witnessing a traumatic phase and is reeling under disturbances of major proportions. There is