HONEYWELL launches its latest Morley IAS series detectors [Oct 2011]

Honeywell recently launched the new series of Morley-IAS detectors in India. Morley-IAS is a brand for Fire Detection & Alarm System which is owned by Honeywell and has a legacy of success in the market. DX-ConneXion and S200A are new product-lines under the Morley-IAS brand.
The latest system boots of an enhanced version of DX-ConneXion control panels and S200A sensors, which will help detect a fire in the most advanced way and at an earlier stage. DX-ConneXion, is a fire detection & alarm control panel and works like the brain of the system. While S200A is a series of field-sensors which sense fire events like smoke, heat, flame etc. The field sensors are connected to the control panel which is the main decision making unit. Hence what the field sensor detects and passes to the control panel, is a crucial deciding factor for it, to act accordingly.
The new S200A series comes with a completely new smoke detection chamber design and advanced protocol which deliver improved responsiveness, better immunity to false alarms due to dust and ingress of insects and other debris offering a much improved sensing mechanism. Intelligent processing circuitry of S200A range of detectors incorporates smoothing filters which eliminate transient environmental noise conditions that may cause unwanted alarms. DX-Connexion is ideally suited for the protection of small to medium sized properties. It is a high performance, feature-rich, economical and versatile fire-alarm control panel designed to help both – the installer and the end-user.
The key benefits of DX-ConneXion include: • Easy to install, commission and maintain  (Operational excellence)• Low cost of ownership. (Savings in the long run). • Configuration by panel keypad as well as PC  (flexibility of choice)• Fault tolerant redundant ring networking (Versatile detection, centralized monitoring and control) S200A incorporates major hardware and software technology driven developments. A completely new optical chamber design is proven in extensive testing to be more efficient, less liable to is proven in extensive testing to be more efficient, less liable to false alarm due to dust and insects and less susceptible to fault in high air velocities or back pressure.  All S200A detectors are environmentally friendly and meet the WEEE and RoHS legislative requirements, minimizing end of life disposal costs, and are mechanically and electrically backwards compatible with existing devices.
The new S200A sensors series include key features like• Simple decade rotary switch for address setting (Ease of handling)• Production in India (easy and fast availability)• Advanced protocol and intelligent algorithm (fast response to genuine fire and strong immunity to false alarms)• Easy and fast installation due to new bases (Savings by reduced installation cost).

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