Greet this monsoon with a big smile! [June 2012]

With the monsoon around the corner, here are some tips to make your home look vibrant even in those cloudy, gloomy days. The season calls for warm scintillating colours such as red, yellow, green and orange which brighten up your room
Damp walls have now become a nightmare which hound us every monsoon. Are you terrified by the monsoons? The easiest ways to maintain dryness and prevent leakages is by tiling up your wall. Tiles are simple to maintain at a negligent cost and add an attractive effect to the room. One of the greatest properties of tiles is that they are non-porous which means that their surfaces are completely sealed. A wall however has minute openings which enable water to leak in.Having non-porous surfaces also means that it does not absorb oil and other likely stain-causing elements. The non-porous nature of wall tiles means they do not swell or otherwise become disturbed during or after exposure to moisture, such as from the steam of a shower or the splashing of water in a kitchen sink.
Wall tiles are available in different shapes and sizes and also in abundant designs. Tiles allow you to get extremely artistic with innovative arrangements and patterns. For example, you can use several tiles of one specific colour to create a wall border, or alternate between tiles of different sizes to create some visual contrast. You can also use wall tiles to produce a mosaic.
Porcelain tile has a rich colour, texture and design. No matter how long it’s used for it looks brand new. Porcelain tiles are made from a blend of fine-grain clays and other minerals to produce a very impenetrable body, which makes them highly resistant to moisture
There are Naturoc Gres Lapato tiles which offer the best of both the worlds: it’s a matt tile and yet has a shiny finish. This combination of matt and gloss addresses to all the needs of a customer: a natural look and finish, anti skid properties so that one does not slip with the rainwater, and a surface, which is effortless to clean which is perfect for the rains.
Wooden floors tend to become poor in quality since it reacts to moisture in the atmosphere and expands. However if you already have wooden flooring and find it cumbersome to change to tiles you should ensure that it is thoroughly waxed and polished to protect it from humidity, it is necessary to take extra effort to protect it from the rains. Instead wood finish tiles are a better option giving a natural feel of wood yet being weather proof.Tiles are a striking and practical addition to any home but floor tiles can sometimes be slippery. What is the best way to battle this potential issue this monsoon? Anti skid tiles created by using high precision technology are easy to maintain and protects a person from a slippery ground.
Anti-skid tiles are highly recommended for constructions in the open because they are very robust and able to cope with different weather conditions like the monsoon. Ceramic tiles are most appreciated for their specific exquisiteness and recommended for their resilience. Antiskid ceramic tiles, the fabulous range of Cotta series have an uneven stone finish while the country series have thick grooves which enables one to stand while walking, hence offering antiskid properties. These anti-skid flooring tiles are resistant to graze and blemish and hence lend a timeless appeal, where they are installed. The best part about these tiles is that they are available in various sizes and colours to suit your warm wall colours. The catchy colours can mesmerise you. They are highly functional in nature and can be maintained at ease.
So now you can snuggle in bed while sipping on your hot coffee as tiles have a perfect solution to all your worries. Greet this monsoon with a big smile!
– Alok Goel, CEO of Nitco

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