LG unveiled latest ultra-efficient air-conditioning solutions

LG unveiled latest ultra-efficient air-conditioning solutionsLG Electronics India has introduced the complete commercial air-conditioning (CAC) and energy solutions at ACREX India 2013, an international exhibition – held from March 7th-9th at the Bombay Exhibition Center – for air conditioning, refrigeration and building services. LG has used its booth space to highlight its latest system air conditioning (SAC) solutions, especially its new flagship commercial HVAC solution, the Multi V IV. New high-efficiency solutions such as the Multi V Water IV and Single Inverter CAC were also on display.
“We’re excited about our products; our new HVAC solutions are going to help our partners realise greater benefits than ever before,” said M. P. Agarwal, LG Air Conditioning and Energy Solution Company. “The technological innovations we’ve incorporated in our products allow our solutions to meet and, in many cases, exceed the requirements set out by local and global regulatory bodies.”
LG’s Multi V IV, the company’s recently launched variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system, has reached a new height in energy efficiency, thanks to the integration of some sophisticated new technologies. The impressive results, including a superb 4.78 coefficient of performance (COP) rating speak for themselves. Building on the advanced capabilities and efficient operation of its predecessor – the successful Multi V III – LG’s new Multi V IV effectively minimises energy loss under partial load conditions and reduces defrosting times via a clever continuous heating function. Indeed, the technological gains made by LG have also improved the system’s wintertime heating capacity by as much as 27 per cent in comparison to previous models.The Multi V Water IV is LG’s latest water-cooled air-conditioning solution and particularly well suited for high-rise HVAC applications. LG’s fourth generation inverter compressor enables the Multi V Water IV to offer the widest operational range in the industry. It functions effectively and efficiently, boasting a 5.5 COP when cooling or heating. Additionally, the Multi V Water IV is 26 per cent more efficient in partial load conditions than any chiller on the market; it registers an integrated part load value (IPLV) of 6.73. Better still, LG’s original shell- and coil-type heat exchanger, tailored to perform in India’s unique condition, can be removed and washed separately for greater convenience. The water-cooled Multi V Water IV’s heat exchanger is also able to offer consistent performance, regardless of local water quality. Operational efficiency has also been improved via a range of intelligent functions, and installation is now easier thanks to reduced dimensions and overall weight.
Meanwhile, LG is moving into the inverter market with its new single inverter CAC. The product is designed for air-conditioning applications in commercial spaces like offices and retail stores. It delivers advanced seasonal energy efficiency with a COP of 3.65 and stable, convenient operational modes. Moreover, the single inverter CAC boasts advanced compatibility features to allow outdoor units to work with a variety of indoor units, including ceiling cassettes, ceiling concealed ducts, and ceiling and floor consoles. This translates into reduced installation costs.
LG also showcased a wide range of CAC solutions, residential inverter air conditioners and building management solutions.

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