Mala Singh received the Best Green Entrepreneur Award

Mala Singh received the Best Green Entrepreneur AwardMala Singh, Managing Director, PEC Solutions Green Designs Pvt. Ltd., has received the “Best Green Entrepreneur Award” under Global Green Future Awards during World CSR Congress 2013 held on February 18th, in Mumbai on the occasion of World CSR day.
The awards were based on the achievements done in social responsibility by preserving and conserving environment through innovative and sustainability measures. Her company – PEC Solutions Green Designs Pvt. Ltd. – has successfully transformed more than 40 million square feet of development footprints into green across India. Mrs Singh is also contributing her green attributes as executive committee member of the Indian Green Building Council (CII) and green building committee member for Forest and Environment Department, Government of Gujarat. She also has major contribution toward green education and social awareness among various community stake holders.
“As more and more companies embrace the need to think through their impact on society and the environment, sustainable development now plays a legitimate, important role within responsible business, bringing the unique competencies of a company to bear on issues affecting the community in which it operates,” said Mrs Singh. “Now corporate responsibility is no longer a specialise activity of a certain group but has already been incorporated in all respects of the business institutions. Ministry of Corporate Affairs on India has already passed the bill to regulate CSR Policy for all the organisations, this will definitely lead to more and more contribution from all the stake holders towards sustainable development.”
World CSR Congress encourages organisations across the world to play their roles effectively by organising such global awards for national and international stake holders. Award appraisal was done by distinguished expert jury from India and abroad based on ground work and implementation of green, social innovation and sustainability concept by the individuals or core groups for the society. Various international and national corporate groups, NGOs, social foundations, and entrepreneurs were among the participants for these awards.

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