Tekla Structures: powerful tool for PEB industry

Tekla Structures: powerful tool for PEB industry
Tekla Structures, a powerful 3D modelling and detailing software solution, has becoming a unique tool for pre-engineering building systems.
Tekla Structures is a powerful, flexible 3D modelling and detailing software solution that integrates the entire workflow from sales and estimating to detailing, fabrication and erection – the whole project lifecycle. For almost 40 years, Tekla has been providing steel detailers and fabricators with innovative tools to get the job done more efficiently and accurately.
Tekla Structures has now become a unique tool for pre-engineering building (PEB) systems. Its technology has been adopted by various small-, mid-, big-size Indian PEB companies like Litmus, Quest, Kirby, TATA Bluescope, ERA, Geodesic, Octamec, PEB steel Lloyd, Mammut, and Zamil Steel for accurate, faster estimate, and improved quality and accuracy. Tekla Structures provides unique system and acts as central system to provide the data to all participants of engineering and construction.
Tekla Structures contains an extensive library of all the PEB industry components. Its custom component feature provides flexibility to user to create a company specific library of components without any programming knowledge.
Tekla Structures effectively integrates into any best-of-breed software driven workflow, while maintaining the highest levels of data integrity and accuracy. Such collaborative workflows are the cornerstone to minimising errors and maximising efficiency, resulting in high profitability and on-time project completion.
Few references from the PEB IndustryReva car showroom, BangaloreThis car showroom houses a 90-metre high and 12.5-metre wide frames with a tonnage of 350 tonnes spanning 90 metres, having 13 frames with intermediate span 9 metres all detailed in Tekla Structures as per PEB standards.
Ski Dubai, UAEUnique mountain-themed Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. It is located inside the Mall of the Emirates and offers a 3,000-square-metre indoor snow setting for skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing – an opportunity to enjoy real snow in the desert all year round. Built like an upside-down letter L, with its highest point towering 85 metres above the main highway. The snow dome has a diameter of more than 200 metres (total area 22,500 square metres, including 25 stories of indoor slopes).
Tekla Structures has done the steel detailing to complete the complex and stately snow dome structure with excellent results. Longest run is 400 metres with a vertical drop of more than 60 metres. The runs have a 60-degree curve on the way down to make them more challenging. For snow boarders, there is a 90-metre quarter pipe, the largest indoor snow park in the world. The park also features a Swiss-style balconied chalet café. Ski Dubai is said to be the largest free-standing transparent structure in the world with no supporting column. It is clad with curved sheeting to represent an aircraft-wing shape floating in mid air.
Steel Melt Shop, Middle EastThis multilevel factory features 23.8-metre high and 54.4-metre wide frames with laced columns and steep rafters designed and detailed in Tekla Structures as per PEB standards. Apart from frame complications, it has nonstandard roof monitor, crane, walkway, stairs, ladders, and expansion joint.

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