Metal building construction: most enviable sector

Metal building construction: most enviable sector
“The sector will hold the momentum despite the continued unfavourable macroeconomic environment,” states Anjan Dutta Roy, Vice President, Tiger Steel Engineering India
Tiger Steel, which is very closely working to take PEB industry to next level, strongly believes that its products should speak about the ability and expertise of the PEB. Anjan Dutta Roy tells how the company is showing others to do things little differently.
Working to take PEB to next levelBeyond the standard efficiency benchmarks, it is pertinent to strive for overall efficiency. Here, imbibing sustainable business practices becomes even more vital. Tiger Steel fully understands this and is committed to follow sustainable business practices, and the success story of evolving PEB in India is based on the same.
Tiger Steel is very closely working to take it to next level — which is a continuing process. The organisation strongly believe & that its creations should speak about the ability and expertise of the PEB, and it should lead rest of others to guide how the industry needs to do things little differently.
These will propagate a positive message across the industry which will automatically evolve for implementation of PEB more and more.
Hence, it is very important to create an awareness programme to propagate the achievements of various industrial milestones implemented across the country.
Outlook for PEB sectorThe metal building construction is the most enviable sector at the moment for the kind of opportunities being generated at every nook and corner of the country, be in the form of development of warehousing, airports, ports, railways, retail malls etc.
It seems metal buildings are omnipresent in different sector of the Indian economy. Metal buildings have its own major share in construction sector for the total investment in infrastructure. It is expected to be the prime beneficiary of the surge in infrastructure investment in the neat to medium term.
The Fitch report ‘2011 Outlook: Indian Construction Sector’ released in January 2011 points out stable outlook for Indian construction companies. The order book grew between the past years and Fitch expects that orders will continue to grow at a robust pace in future as well.
The outlook for the Indian PEB sector is expected to remain stable for the time being and expected keep growing by Q2 13 and will keep growing in coming years. As per expert’s views and ratings, the sector will  hold the momentum despite the continued unfavourable macroeconomic environment.
In the Indian infrastructure sector, there has been a considerable rise in the demand. This indicates a promising forecast for future too.
Advantages of PEB over conventional structuresTiger Steel is in the business of PEB and has created its position as a top-notch, technically driven organisation by educating people on the advantages as compared to conventional structures. Same has also been established through various designs of critical configured buildings and finally installed it across the country which has created different landmark.
Apart from benefits like architectural views, less number of columns allowing more space utilisation, the metal buildings are the most sought-after due to the saving of time resulting fast ROI which attracts the decision makers, immensely.
Economical PEBIt is not very easy to prepare a cost matrix comparison between the two applications as it is dependent on many important factors and inputs, e.g. size, type, configuration, codes, loads, application etc.
However, PEB is definitely economical considering its various tangible, intangible benefits returned over a period of time. And the acceptance and its current growing popularity amongst the end users is the proof for the same. India is a very cost-conscious country, and Tiger India isn’t going break this myth that PEB is expensive, which is factually not correct.
Innovations in the sectorRole of any effective corporate management is to make the organisation institutional. Advanced, innovative and effective action plan need to be followed to handle which matches the ongoing situations prevails in these sectors. The expertise and success of such team depends on how accurately they could visualise the matter a bit advance and prepare the organisational guidelines. Continuous, advanced and correct MIS plays a major, important role in making innovative strategies to be ready with, when it comes in terms of execution. It is the most needed exercise which brings the success in dealing these sectors. People following these magic rules are the most successful in managing to perform well in spite of the odds.
Tiger Steel’s conscious, ongoing strategy has been cautious aggression while trying for some non-conventional projects, and the same strategy did pay well under such unexpected economical volatile environment.
There are no short-term strategies. Whatever the company does in the business, it is meant for long term.
The company started with initial screwed down profiles for roofing system to make it cheaper while countering the existing conventional practices.
Over a period of time, its R&D experts have come out with specialised roofing system with STANDING SEAM–I. This was further improved through STANDING SEAM–II with 360 degree mechanical seaming, a long-time solution to avoid the puncturing the roof and called Rolls-Royce of roofing system. Tiger Steel always feel proud on its success on the important issues, e.g. continuation research on product developments; innovative concepts of product combinations; and creativity in building configurations etc. It is being done with specific goals for code of conduct without compromising or diluting its mission, vision and commitment in taking PEB to its next level of understanding.
PEB in residential segmentThe basic mind set of is to follow a model which has succeeded elsewhere, instead trying something new. Tiger Steel never venture to be very aggressive in trying something new or innovative due to the doubt of any failures and its negative impact on its financial health.
Although the concept of PEB implemented and established in and around early 50s, but it took a longer time to enter into the Indian market in 1996 on Tiger Steel’s arrival to start the Indian operation.  A new concept in high-rise steel buildings is rapidly growing in India, particularly in the metros. Last year, the number of the projects already executed was just in a single digit. It is now going to be in double digits and bound to grow more and more in the coming years. The primary reasons for this growth are the time factor where steel building scores the highest.
The new technology know-how with which its fabrication have got into the market, now has given architects and consultants the confidence to consider steel as an option for their high-rise projects. Steel definitely has superior structural engineering properties and considering its environmental friendly quality. Steel is definitely a more appropriate material than any other construction material.
In developing countries, steel is even used for upgrading of the existing building, by adding floors by using steel to the existing structure, which benefits the occupants and the building owner.
The main objective behind creating such a high-rise building is to grow vertically to accommodate the increasing population to meet the space needs of the country.

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