Next Steel’s motto: customers’ money with proper utilisation

Next Steel’s motto: customers’ money with proper utilisation
“Marketing strategies serve as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives,” says Ranjeet Kakkad, Founder MD, Next Steel Building Solution
Next Steel Building Solution is one of the pioneers in establishing manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra for steel building solutions. Since 2009, Next Steel Building Solution has been producing a host of innovative products. In an interview with B2B Purchase, Ranjeet Kakkad  talks about the most innovative products like latest technology flashing machine, standing seam machine, H-beam machine and CNC drilling machine with four bases, various types of roll forming machines.
Dominance of steel in the multi-storey sectorNext Steel Building Solution has done many projects of industrial, warehouse, etc. as a regular steel works. But the dominance of steel in the multi-storey sector is based on tangible client-related benefits including ability to provide column-free spans, efficient circulation space, integration of building services, influence of the site and local access conditions on the construction process. For speed of construction and minimum storage of materials on-site require a high level of pre-fabrication, which steel-framed systems can provide. So Next has introduced multi-storage building in its company, and some of the project has also been erected.
Reduction in overall foundation loadsThe product reduces 30-40 per cent in construction time relative to site-intensive construction, depending on the scale of the project. Site management costs are reduced because of the shorter erection period and the packaged nature of the construction process. The integration of services in the structural zone leads to reduction of 100-300 mm in floor to floor zone and hence to savings in cladding cost. Steel construction is less than half the weight of an equivalent concrete structure, which is equivalent to a 30 per cent reduction in overall foundation loads. Long-span steel construction provides more flexible use of space, which depends on the function of the building and its future uses. A breakdown of construction costs for a steel building is approximately as below:• Foundations 5-15 per cent• Super-structure and floors 10-12 per cent• Cladding and roofing 15-25 per cent• Services (mechanical, electrical and lifts) 20-25 per cent • Services (sanitation and water) 5-8 per cent • Finishes, partitions and fitments 10-20 per cent • Site management (preliminaries) 12-18 per cent.These products are used in various types of construction like industrial sheds, warehouses, showrooms, pre-fab houses, educational buildings and multi-storage structure.
Reaching marketing objectivesMarketing strategies serve as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to fill market needs and reach marketing objectives.  Marketing strategy needs to take a long-term view, and tool models can be very powerful in helping to simulate the effects of strategy on acquisition, revenue per customer. Customers’ money with proper utilisation is Next’s first motto with optimum use of steel but not beyond the limit.

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