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Walking on the world’s tallest and longest glass bottom bridge
 How about walking on a bridge where you can see right below as you walk. Exciting and adventurous isn’t it. Yes, this is something people will be experiencing in China. Designed by internationally renowned architect Haim Dotan, the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is located near Zhangjiajie City in Hunan Province, China. The bridge is 380  metres long, 6 metres wide and nearly 300 metres above the canyon floor below. Once completed, it will be the tallest and longest glass pedestrian bridge worldwide. Construction is all set to be completed and its official opening is expected in October.
Apart from its unique design, the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge is capable of holding up to 800 people. It will feature the world’s highest bungee jump and also serve as a runway for fashion shows. Zhangjiajie is a 56 square-kilometre designated tourist park in China inside the bigger Wulingyuan scenic area. It has been open to public since 2009 and is believed to have been the inspiration behind the beautiful planet of Pandora in James Cameron’s 2009 “Avatar” film.As the ancient Chinese Dao Master, Lao Tzu, says, “Great sound is unheard; Great form is invisible”. A horizontal bridge incorporating a transparent glass floor with handrails and side suspension cables, it will create an experience of being in pure nature while suspended in mid-air, between heaven and earth, like a bird with its wings open wide.
“Hundreds of metres above a canyon, it is definitely a Bridge of Wonder, a Bridge of Courage. I called it ‘Bridge of Courageous Hearts’ and wrote this poem ‘Floating in mid-air, Open hearts – I love you’, says Ar Haim Dotan.________________________________Design Concept“As the designer of this bridge, located in an incredible and magical national park, I believe in nature, harmony, balance and beauty. Nature is beautiful as is. One wants to make the least impact upon it. Therefore, the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge was designed to be invisible as possible a white bridge disappearing into the clouds,” says Ar Haim Dotan. ____________________________________Bridge DataThe glass bottom bridge is a suspended bridge constructed of two side steel beams and a structural glass deck and banisters with side hanging stay cables.

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