Advancements in management methods to improve productivity

The greatest technical impact in the construction sector is expected to come from improved management methods and automation.

New materials and energy, design approaches, as well as advances in digital technology and big data, are creating a wave of innovation within the construction industry. In the last decade there have been momentous advancements in technology used by the construction industry. Construction companies have been investing heavily in technology in recent years by adopting new processes and purchasing state-of-the-art machinery. This has enabled workers to increase efficiency, shorten the duration of projects and ultimately increase profit.

Breakthrough technology
As per Ar. S P Anchuri, Chief Consultant, Anchuri & Anchuri it is not one or two but there are several breakthroughs of technology trends transforming construction industry and they are:
2D -3D -4D and 5D :As an innovative piece of construction technology, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been acknowledged as an industry-changing process, transforming how projects are designed and built.
3D laser scanning: Innovative 3D laser scanning digitally captures the exact measurements of a building to provide point-cloud data.
Automated technology: With the many repetitive, routine tasks associated with construction, many companies are turning to automated technology to carry out certain roles and processes. Prefabrication has paved the way for automated technology, as mechanical machinery, including robotics, cannot always be contained onsite. Brickwork and demolition has seen the introduction of robotic automation, as this type of technology increases worker safety and efficiency.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): Drones, otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), can be used in construction to help create a 3D model of a construction site. UAVs can be flown above a project, providing a scanned bird’s eye view of its location which helps to identify the site’s dangers. Alternatively, UAVs can sit static and live stream from hard-to-reach areas, as well as capture a project’s progression through imagery or film.

Project management apps: Smart phones have helped to increase the productivity of construction projects by minimising the processes of communication. Although this is nothing new, more construction companies are turning to apps to make it easier to manage projects.

He adds, “The greatest technical impact in the construction sector is expected to come from improved management methods and automation. Advancements in management methods to improve productivity and schedule performance will employ automation and expert systems to a great degree. Construction design will see increased sophistication in the conceptual phase and real-time data base communications networks to support estimating, scheduling, and project management.”

How has this technology added value to your business?
Stating on the technology added value to the business Ar. Anchuri says, “We being architects and structural designers in our consultancy business activities improved by the use of CAD systems to provide a direct interface with major vendors and suppliers. In the construction process itself, expanded use of computerised scheduling, tracking, and control using real-time networks and robotics-assisted operations will play increasing roles, where practical, to meet quality, safety, and cost objectives.”

He adds, “The knowledge gained by research and recent advances in constriction technology l undoubtedly improved our competitive edge for many of our construction jobs. We always re-examine the cost-effectiveness of the R&D commitments in relation to the competitive advantage they expect to derive.”

Using newer technologies in upcoming projects
The company has adopted the newer technologies in upcoming projects. “We are committed to utilising the resources that technology has to offer to bring you the best construction service available,” states Ar. Anchuri.

Anchuri & Anchuri designed PVR Towers and Big Bazaar with columns free spaces, at Kompally, Hyderabad. In this project right from foundation to the roof modern methodology was adopted specially in planning, designing execution, operation and maintenance. “In record time the project was completed and the client was very satisfied with the productivity especially in terms of financial returns,” he says.

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