Beautifying structures with marbles

KalingaStone which is made from natural marble aggregates is a preferred choice for its green qualities.

Technology has played a vital role in the evolution of stone products used for various applications such as flooring, cladding, and façades among others in the construction industry. It is due to the recent advancements in the technology that engineered marble and engineered quartz, large size porcelain stoneware and laminates have come to existence. These new age materials enable faster completion of projects, are more efficient in performance and purpose and can be easily and seamlessly replaced in case of damage or repairs. “Today, with the help of technology we can accurately estimate the requirements of a project, and custom design and manufacture products that are stronger, better looking and considerably reduce wastage,” believes Vikas Kesarkar, Vice President -Marketing, Classic Marble Company.

Natural Stone: Technology has helped in creating unique possibilities in the layout of marble, onyx, travertine or other exotic stones and also in rendering different finish possibilities in products. The technological processes such as vacuumised resin filling ensure that even the tiniest pores in marble are filled and add strength to the finished marble. Today with advanced technology, a natural marble surface can be treated to appear like leather or could have an abrasive texture as if acid washed depending on the area where it is installed including bathroom, kitchen, lobbies, living areas etc. Likewise, unfinished travertine can give antique look to the space and the same stone sealed with resin can make it look modern. A back lit onyx slab enhances décor element of install area. Thus, technology goes long way; right from manufacturing a product to installing it to fancying any area.
KalingaStone: KalingaStone offers a large variety and a bespoke collection in engineered marble and quartz. This has been possible due to present day advancements in technology. The company’s Silvassa based state-of-the-art manufacturing facility enables our research team to innovate and introduce exclusive colours and patterns in the marble and quartz that are otherwise found in exotic natural marble and granite. Technology not only facilitates customisation of
the nature-inspired designs in the engineering of marble and quartz but it also helps to bring the same
kind of polish and finish as its available in natural stone or wood, metal or any other material. Few of them being:
Uniformity: Consistency of the material in physical, mechanical and visual characteristics.
Supply: large quantities can be provided within short time scales, making it ideal for large projects. Furthermore, the material can be supplied in a limitless range of colours and design patterns.
Repeatability: The same colour and design can be recreated over and over again by repeating the original manufacturing formula.
Uniqueness of colour and pattern: Being a technologically reconstituted material, new materials can be created with visual characteristics that are not available in nature.
Variety of finishes: Slabs, tiles and processed articles are available with surface finishes that are polished, bush hammered or sandblasted in every colour
in the range.

These materials are low on maintenance and can be re-polished time and again to restore its original shine and look.

CMC’s quartz
As per Kesarkar the breakthrough technology is CMC’s quartz production line is the first–of-its-kind technology in India. This technology is capable of producing veined patterns in the engineered quartz which was not possible earlier. The quartz now exhibits signature style vein patterns which are found only in natural marble while maintaining the physical characteristics of quartz. The one-of-its-kind veined quartz range has been christened as ‘Classic Ligne’ and it has over 12 types of products in various colours and patterns.

Adding on the technology’s impact on the construction industry he says, “Since a majority of our products are utilised in residences or offices, the main beneficiaries of this paradigm shift have been realty construction companies. Today, many known developers are offering to pre-install residences and offices alike with our Classic Ligne quartz. This product offers the best of both worlds to consumers because it functions like a quartz with its strength and durability, and offers appeal in looks with its veined patterns that resemble the most favoured marble design. In our industry, this has created a big impact in both cost and flexibility of choice.”

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