Kobelco’s power pack excavators coming soon to India

We have introduced the next generation of its excavators in other markets and plan to formally launch it in India this year.

Construction industry is undergoing rapid changes
As per Vikram Sharma, MD and CEO, Kobelco Construction Equipment India Pvt Ltd like other equipment, construction equipment technology is undergoing rapid changes with the incorporation of various new developments. Many of these are driven by the need to offer greater value or to improve the customer’s experience. Use of Telematics to enable the customer to monitor some key operation and maintenance parameters is one such example. Also, in select markets, such transformations are driven by legislation, mostly in respect of emission control and safety.

Technological changes are an on-going process
Disclosing on the breakthrough technology of 2016, Sharma states, “It is very difficult to pick any one development. In most cases, technological changes are an on-going process. For Kobelco, some of the key focus areas are improving fuel efficiency, improving output and minimising the impact on the environment. Our latest model can save up to 19 per cent compared to the previous one.”

Taking customers’ experience to the next level
Briefing on the company’s advanced technology introduced Sharma says, “We have introduced the next generation of our excavators in other markets and plan to formally launch it in India this year. It is a great combination of power and efficiency.

It is expected to take the customer’s experience to the next level.”
Kobelco excavators are already the preferred choice in most common applications claims Sharma. Explaining about the product’s unique features and how it’s going to change the construction landscape Sharma says, “We expect to set a new benchmark in machine performance and reliability. Maintenance is also expected to be simpler and faster. The operator environment has been up scaled to further improve efficiency. Self-diagnostics on the machines are re-designed to facilitate faster resolution of any problems to improve the machine uptime.”

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