Constructinfotech: A boon for Metro design professionals

Construction Information Technology has certainly helped Metro design professionals.

In a country like India where infrastructure needs to be developed at a faster pace, it is necessary that new technological developments are incorporated into construction. R&D in the field of construction safety, health and environmental considerations of construction impacts, construction chemicals, equipment, real time design delivery, construction methodology and project planning is continuously transforming the construction industry.

When it comes to Metro construction, with every new project in India newer technologies are being put to use. “It was Delhi Metro project which initiated the country to move towards latest construction methods and now other cities of India are keeping up with the trend where metro projects are being constructed,” shares Ar. Satyakam Garg, Chief Architectural Expert, Lucknow Metro Phase 1A project with Ayesa-Geodata-Aarvee-Korean Rail Consortium.

Construction Information Technology
With reference to Metro where construction and designs go side by side on a time bound right of way project, Ar. Garg believes that faster design delivery and constant site feedback is necessary to reduce the construction time. Construction Information Technology has certainly helped Metro design professionals. Innovations in latest information technologies based Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) and instrumentation monitoring are helping designers and engineers to provide faster and accurate solutions for ongoing construction at site.

Satyakam Garg, Chief Architecture Expert

Implementing IT in Metros
Sharing views on adoption of IT in metro projects, Ar. Garg said, “Currently my project of Lucknow Metro Phase 1A, where construction of North South line with 20 stations is in progress, we have implemented Construction Information Technology. We have developed a PMIS system, which is accessible in real time over internet network where information of design and construction is available. Mobile technology has even made it better as the same can be accessed on your smart phone and tablets. Also we have seen that links to the information are shared on mobile based messaging apps making information flow faster.”

He adds, “We are using latest geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring techniques, typical of our heavy and sensitive construction works right in middle of a crowded city. The instruments readings can be accessed any time by logging on to online instrumentation portal. This means a faster feedback to engineers who can adjust the designs accordingly.”

IT enables faster completion
Informing on how the construction Information Technology has added value to the business Ar. Garg said, “Using Construction Information Technology for design delivery and site feedback has helped architects and engineers in better project management and faster completion of activities. A timely completed project certainly means better project economy and cost savings. In metros since we are adopting and refining this technology, we are able to complete projects ahead of schedule many times.”

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