ConMac 2017: Catering the needs of the North East

The development of the eight states in the north eastern region is a challenge. The tough terrain and the lack of infrastructure are the prominent reason why this region requires special attention. Ministry of Development of North Eastern region, commonly known as DONER, is advocating the special needs of the region to the other ministries, departments and policy makers.

In order to cater to the rising demands of the North Eastern region, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India’s Apex Industry Association and the organiser of Excon is organising ConMac 2017. This being the 2nd edition on construction equipment exhibition for the North East region India is scheduled to be held between 2nd and 4th March 2017 at Maniram Dewan Center, Guwahati, Assam.

ConMac 2017 is the exhibition on construction equipment and technology. The three day exhibition will hold a conference on ‘Construction Equipment in Defence’ organised by CII. There also will be a special conference on ‘Equipment for the North East’.

Over 150 exhibitors, 6000 business visitors are expected to grace this event. The event will also hold special promotions amongst border roads organisation, defence and the state governments.

They have the following special features:
• The eight states of the North Eastern region barring Sikkim are linked to the rest of India through the 26 km long Siliguri corridor commonly known as Chicken’s neck.
• Sikkim became officially a part of the North Eastern region in 2002
• 98 per cent of NER’s border is bounded by India’s international neighbours.
• The region offers great diversity of topography, climatic conditions, language, religion and ethnicity and yet has common developmental challenges.
• Barring Assam, the other states are small and hilly.
• Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram are overwhelmingly tribal. The other four states also have substantial tribal population.
• Infrastructure deficit in the region, particularly connectivity in all forms is acute.
• The economy of the region is overwhelmingly agricultural.

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