Putzmeister pumps for economical, intelligent concrete conveying

Putzmeister concrete pumps are based on technical pioneer achievements. They keep attaining new records in high-rise and long distance conveying – and have been doing so for over the years.

These pumps have been configured with the right features according to the industry demands; hence these concreting stars are the highly preferred choices of the industry experts and personnel.

Putzmeister pursues a research and development strategy that is closely linked to its client’s expectations.This led to the launch of an eSmart range which includes the machines BSA 1404 D, BSA 1405 D and BSA 1407 D. The BSA eSmart range is equipped with the Human Machine Interface (HMI) control panel that has the Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD) which allows determining the real time operating status of the machine and diagnosing faults. The EGD displays performance parameters like pumping hours, concrete output, hydraulic oil temperature, stroke counter and other significant features that make it convenient for the operator to monitor the pumping.

For more details, email Putzmeister at marketing@pmw.co.in or call: +91-83296696091

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