Structural engineers add value with constructible BIM

Indian construction market is the third largest in Asia and is further forecasted to overtake Japan’s in nominal value terms by 2023, according to a BIM Research report. As the market grows, structural engineers face unprecedented challenges and need innovative tools and resources at their disposal to execute the complex and demanding building designs.
The traditional scope of BIM is giving way to the more advanced concept of constructible building information modelling (BIM) in order to cope with the ever-growing complexity of building design and construction. The term ‘constructible’ defines the ease, efficiency and accuracy with which structures can be constructed from a 3D model. If a BIM model is developed enough, the contractibility of a building can be tested in advance to make sure that it is actually constructible, and eliminate errors and rework at the modelling stage itself. A constructible model thus allows designers, engineers and contractors to create as-built models before starting the construction process.

Trimble Solutions India are the industry leaders to provide constructible BIM, their clients include industry leaders like Larsen & Toubro, Shapoorji Pallonji and Jindal Steel.

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